Aucnet NIA-2001
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The Aucnet NIA-2001 is a very special MSX Turbo R computer, aimed at the Japanese car dealers. Its purpose was as an online auction system for used cars. On this use video and audio was routed through a satellite and actual bidding was done through a built in modem.

Although it comes with version 4.0 of MSX-BASIC, this machine does not have the PCM hardware, that is defined as part of the MSX Turbo R standard.

By default it expects to start the special AUCNET software, but when the INS+DEL+UP+DOWN+LEFT+RIGHT keys are pressed at the same time during boot, it will go to BASIC.

This machine does not have a cassette port or disk drives.

Brand Aucnet (Manufacturer: Takaoka)
Type NIA-2001
Year 1989
Region Japan
Original price
RAM 512kB in slot 3-0
VRAM 128kB
Media MSX cartridges
Video Yamaha V9958
Chipset Toshiba T9769C and NEC S1990 bus controller
Extras Kanji-ROM, Modem, RS232-C, Superimposer, Kanji BASIC
Emulation ROMs have been dumped and machine is partly emulated. More details are needed on the original keyboard and printer port. The superimpose and modem functions are not emulated.




Software side, this machine has MSX-JE, MSX-Music, MSX-Serial and MSX-BASIC 4.0


  • Keyboard (Hirose QM40-26PA-EP)
  • Joystick (DB-9 male)
  • Misc (DB-9 female)
  • Power Cord (100V 60Hz)
  • Two power outlets
  • Telephone RJ11
  • Line RJ11
  • Centronics 14-pin compatible Parallel port for a printer
  • RGB out
  • Audio/Video out (RCA)
  • Audio/Video in (RCA)
  • RS232-C (DB25 female)
  • 2 cartridge slots

Note: No Data recorder connector!

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