Backup Katsuyou Technique 03
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Backup Katsuyou Technique 03



Published in May 1986.

Main content

General info

  • Octopus: Famicom Rom backup interface for MSX (article by Misao Kadota)
  • Rescue for nationwide 1 million of machines: the tape format analyse (article by Masaru Hashimoto)
  • ROM Cartridge Copy: O-Nyanko Copy MSX Ver.1.0 (article by Hage)

Software reviews

  • Dr. Copy - Part I



Title Author Generation
Copy Tool for 32kB Masaru Hashimoto MSX1
Octopus Dump and Copy Program 1.0 Misao Kadota MSX1
O-Nyanko Copy MSX Ver.1.0 Takeshi Uemukai MSX1
MSX Copy Program Loader Takeshi Uemukai MSX1
RAM Slot Check Program Takeshi Uemukai MSX1
Tape Format Analyse Masaru Hashimoto MSX1