Backup Katsuyou Technique 07
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Backup Katsuyou Technique 07



Published in June 1987.

Main content

General info

  • ROM analyzer & 32kB ROM/RAM cartridge making (article by Hage)
  • How to copy disk to disk (by Yuuki)
  • Introduction to MSX Hacker part 2 (article by Yuuki)
  • How to get stereo PSG (by Masaru Hashimoto)
  • MSX Army Counterattack part 2: How to expand RAM in MSX1 computers (article by Jotaro Higashi)
  • Corrections to 2 Hage's articles of Backup Katsuyou Technique 06
  • Conversion of Toshiba Kanj-Kun documents to ASCII Japanese MSX-Write (article by M. Misoji)



Title Author Generation Notes
Disk to Disk Copy 1.0 Yuuki MSX1 3 files: binary implementation -
1DD disks tool - 2DD disks tool
Kanji File Converter (from Tape to Disk) M. Misoji MSX1
Kanji File Converter (from Disk to Disk) M. Misoji MSX1
MSX ROM Analyzer Takeshi Uemukai MSX1
ROM Loader from Tape Yuuki MSX1 Additional lines for 32kB ROMs