Backup Katsuyou Technique 15
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Backup Katsuyou Technique 15



Published in June 1989.

Main content

General info

  • How to connect a MSX joystick to Sega Megadrive (by Mori Nakanishi)
  • Majestic System Ver.1.0: The world's strongest backup tool (by M&M)
  • Youth claim: MSX2+, compatibility, MSX2 Technical Hand book, MSX-DOS (by Shinobu/G-AREA)



Title Author Generation Notes
10 Function Keys Display Isao Takatani MSX2 Only for Screen 0 - Width 80
Can also define an alternative keyset
SELECT or CTRL + X to toggle keysets
Back to normal mode with CMD
Disk Destroyer Ieyasu Kitamura MSX1 Can also repair disks
Font Changer Isao Takatani MSX1
Majestic System Copy M&M MSX1 Main program + binary (Tools)
Majestic System 1.0 M&M MSX1
The Checker KIY Soft MSX1
The Commercial Vaccine KIY Soft MSX1 Antidote to the Virus
The Commercial Virus KIY Soft MSX1 Destroys the boot sector
and can crypt data


  • Protect Hacking 2: 12 Protect Killers for BIOS-KUN + 3 Game Modifiers (by Yasuhiro Itakura)