Backup Katsuyou Technique 16
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Backup Katsuyou Technique 16



Published in September 1989.

Main content

General info

  • Protect hacking practice course: 3 tools, hacking of Last Armageddon and 9 filers (by M&M)
  • Ultimate PSG: BGM Compiler/Linker/Player + examples (by Hayabusa)
  • How to rip the MSX2 graphics (by Kazuyuki Kuriyama)
  • DOS-Fighter: Disk copy, sector dump and directory check (by Takahiro Nakayama)
  • Little correction about Majestic System Ver.1.0
  • Hacker training course 2: Sector management (article by Penpengusa)
  • MSX2 Simple Assemble System (article by Poco)
  • Youth claim: Problems with Sony HB-F1XDJ (MSX2+) and F1 Tool Disk II (by Toshiya Ando)



These 3 musical examples will create DAT files that can be compiled with the BGM Compiler as BIN files before being converted into PLY files by the BGM Linker. The final PLY files can be played by using the BGM Player.

Title Author Generation Soundchips
Lucky Takarahako (Ys 1) Hayabusa MSX1 PSG
Open Your Heart (Ys 1) Hayabusa MSX1 PSG
Symbol of Malice (Psychic War) Hayabusa MSX1 PSG


Title Author Generation Notes
BGM Compiler Ver.4.0 Hayabusa MSX1 PSG tool
Binary + main program
BGM Linker Hayabusa MSX1 PSG tool
Binary + main program
BGM Player Hayabusa MSX1 To play PSG PLY linked files
COM File Creator Kazuyuki Kuriyama MSX1
D-Backup M&M MSX2 Binary file
File Loader M&M MSX2
Hexkey 2 Masami Maeda MSX1 Binary file - Modifies the numeric keypad
On bottom of page 63
MSX2 Simple Assemble System Poco MSX2 Binary + loader - Adds new BASIC
instructions: see MSX2-SAS BASIC
Protect Sector Search M&M MSX2
Screen Save & Load Kazuyuki Kuriyama MSX2
The User-Saver KIY Soft MSX1 Combines game user discs into one
MSX-DOS required
Dircheck Takahiro Nakayama MSX2 Directory Check Tool
Diskcopy Takahiro Nakayama MSX2 Disk Copy Tool
Looksc5 Kazuyuki Kuriyama MSX2
Looksc8 Kazuyuki Kuriyama MSX2
Lookv Kazuyuki Kuriyama MSX2
Secdump Takahiro Nakayama MSX2 Sector Dump Tool


  • 9 filers to unprotect games on disk (by M&M and KPC)