Bandai Robo Pal
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The Bandai Robo Pal is a Personal Computer Robot released in 1983 in Japan for several home computers (Bandai RX-78, NEC PC-8801, Fujitsu FM-NEW7, NEC PC-6001mkII, Sharp X1).

It was adapted in 1985 for the MSX system under the product code RBMX-014. It can be used on any MSX computer with at least 16kB RAM.

The package includes a mini-robot, a communication module (tranmitter case), a tape with software and a manual. An extra page has been added for the MSX version.

Some versions operate at 27Mhz and have a Centronics connector, but the MSX version operates at 40Mhz and has another connector, located at the left side of the transmitter case: it is for a data recorder cable and therefore used to record data about the movements the robot has to make.

The robot and the transmitter case have several locations for batteries.

Launch price: ¥16,800

Note: This robot is not compatible with some computers, for example the Daewoo CPC-400, probably because the RAM is in the expanded slot 0.


The general menu of the software includes 3 options: Construction Test - Real-Time Action and Trace - Simulation.

It's also possible to control the mini-robot by using MSX-BASIC. An example for BS BASIC (used in Bandai RX-78) and instructions to adapt it to other supported systems are provided in the manual.



Bandai Robo Pal box
Bandai Robo Pal
Bandai Robo Pal (back)
Robo Pal content of box
Robo Pal tape + module
Robo Pal manual + extra page
Bandai Robo Pal box (back)
Bandai Robo Pal box + content
Robo Pal box (left side)
Bandai Robo Pal box (top)
Robo Pal box (right side)


Bandai Robo Pal - software menu
Bandai Robo Pal - software option 1
Bandai Robo Pal - software option 2
Bandai Robo Pal - software option 3

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