Bawareth Perfect MSX2
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The Perfect MSX2 has been manufactured by Daewoo and distributed by Bawareth Enterprises for Trade in Saudi Arabia. Al Mithali (= Perfect in Arabic) is a trademark used for this computer, its brother Bawareth Perfect MSX1 and software aimed at them.

This computer is based on the Daewoo CPC-300. The keyboard and firmware are Arabic. The color of unit is available in ivory. The power supply is integrated in the unit. The machine itself simply has MSX2 as the product number, but the box and manual says CPC-300.

After booting without pressing the CTRL key, the computer will be in Arabic mode. In this mode, the combination of the GRAPH key with an alphabetic key will display an MSX-BASIC instruction on the screen.

Brand Baraweth (Manufacturer: Daewoo)
Type Perfect MSX2 (CPC-300)
Year 1987
Region Middle East
Original price
RAM 128kB in slot 0-2
VRAM 128kB
Media MSX cartridges
Video Yamaha V9938
Audio PSG (AY-3-8910)
Chipset Daewoo DW64MX1
Keyboard layout QWERTY/Arabic
Extras reset button, lightpen connector, Arabic BASIC, firmware (5 applications)
Emulation ROMs for v3.21 dumped and emulated in blueMSX. V3.30 still needs to be dumped. See this thread for details


This machine comes with a firmware different from the software present on all Sakhr/Al Alamiah computers.

It can be skipped by pressing CTRL key while booting and until you come on the MSX-BASIC screen. By doing that, the machine will be in International mode, the Arabic characters will not be available and also you get only one drive (the A: drive) if you have added external diskdrives.

There are several versions of the firmware, only one version has been dumped. Known versions:

  • Ver. 3.21 July 1987 (dumped)
  • Ver. 3.30 July 1987

The menu is in English and Arabic.

If you press on Select when you are on the screen after the logo screen, you will see a 'secret' message precising that any copyright has been violating while making the Arabic software included in this computer.

This firmware is the same as on the Perfect MSX1, so it means that MSX2 features are not used. It adds Arabic characters, new MSX-BASIC commands (see Arabic BASIC) and 5 applications. You can choose them in the menu with the keys 2 to 6:

  • Arabic Word Processor
  • English Word Processor
  • Music World - PSG utility
  • Electric Painting - graphic tool in screen 3 with saving on tape
  • Unit Converter

From MSX-BASIC, you can

  • launch the English Word Processor with CALL TEDIT or _TEDIT (also in international mode)
  • go back to the menu with CALL MENU, CALL FATEEN, _MENU and _FATEEN (don't use it if you are in International mode !)



Perfect MSX2
Perfect MSX2 box
Perfect MSX2 label
Perfect MSX2 manuals
Perfect MSX2 back


Perfect firmware - logo screen
Perfect firmware - intro screen
Perfect firmware - 'secret' message
Perfect firmware - menu
Perfect firmware - English Word Processor
Perfect firmware - Arabic Word Processor
Perfect firmware - Music World
Perfect firmware - Electric Painting (screen displaying BASIC listings)
Perfect firmware - Unit Converter


The Perfect MSX2 does not use a MSX-Engine but a custom IC DW64MX1 that includes the 8255 PPI, slot select circuitry, a memory mapper and various glue logic. The CPU is a Z80A from Goldstar (GSS Z8400A PS).

The main RAM is present on slot 0-2, a configuration that can cause poorly written software to crash. Also, with this layout, the POKE-1,(15-PEEK(-1)\16)*17 trick to workaround buggy software that does not handle subslots properly will cause this machine to freeze.

Slot Map

(note: the location of the expansion bus slot needs to be checked)

Slot 0-0 Slot 0-1 Slot 0-2 Slot 0-3 Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Page C000h~FFFFh 128kB
Page 8000h~BFFFh Arabic
Page 4000h~7FFFh Main-ROM
Page 0000h~3FFFh Sub-ROM


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