C.U.C.-info 04
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C.U.C.-info 04



Published in October/November 1984.

This issue is exclusively focused on SVI-318/328 computers.

Main content

General info

TV-Tennis (MSX conversion)
  • (SVI-3x8) I/O Ports
  • (SVI-3x8) DIY: Paddle
  • (SVI-3x8) ROM Addresses
  • BASIC Info (3): The function keys


Note: With exception of Flashing CAPS/LOCK and Input on Screen 1, the specific SVI-3x8 software can also be used on MSX after some changes - see SVI-BASIC.


Title Author Generation
Demo 2-2 Peter Zevenhoven
Wouter Alexander
Diamond 1 (Diamant 1) Georg Wolfbauer SVI-3x8
Diamond 2 (Diamant 2) Georg Wolfbauer SVI-3x8
Pendule Peter Zevenhoven SVI-3x8
Two Moving Circles
(Twee zich Verplaatsende Cirkels)
Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8


Title Author Generation Soundchips Notes
TV-Tennis Peter Zevenhoven SVI-3x8 PSG Requires a DIY connected paddle
SVI-3x8 / MSX1 version in C.U.C. computer INFO 14/15


Title Author Generation Soundchips
Long Will She Live
(Lang Zal Ze Leven)
T. Kok
W. Niekus
SVI-3x8 / MSX1 PSG


Title Author Generation Notes
Extract the Root
Ferdy Bossy SVI-3x8 / MSX1
Flashing CAPS/LOCK Led
(Knipperen CAPS/LOCK Led)
Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8
Input on Screen 1
(Input op Screen 1)
Peter Zevenhoven SVI-3x8
Pythagoras Peter Zevenhoven
Wouter Alexander
SVI-3x8 MSX version in
C.U.C. INFO 11
Sort Words and Numbers
(Woorden en Getallen Sorteren)
Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8 / MSX1