C.U.C. INFO 05
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C.U.C. INFO 05



Published in January 1985.

This issue is mainly focused on SVI-318/328 computers.

Main content

General info

  • Differences between SVI-BASIC and MSX-BASIC
  • (SVI-3x8) DIY for SOUND ON instruction with SV-904 data recorder
  • (V)POKE/PEEK and the 80kB RAM (1)
  • (SVI-3x8) VPOKE trick
  • BASIC Info (4): how to call ML routines from BASIC



  • The specific SVI-3x8 software can also be used on MSX after some changes - see SVI-BASIC.
  • The conversion is not easy for the Turn Around (Omdraaien) game as it uses the GET and PUT instructions.


Title Author Generation
3-Dimensional Image
(3-Dimensionaal Beeld)
Ron Wehrens
E. Voskuil
Demo 5-1 Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8
Demo 5-2 Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8
Frame Other
(Kader Anders)
Peter Zevenhoven SVI-3x8
Line Step C. van Dijk SVI-3x8
Moon (Maan) Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8
Polygons (Veelhoeken) Ron Wehrens
E. Voskuil
The Earth (De Aarde) (*) Austria SV Club SVI-3x8

(*) See C.U.C. INFO 08/09 for MSX adaptation


Title Author Generation Soundchips
Turn Around (Omdraaien) Peter Zevenhoven SVI-3x8 PSG


Title Author Generation
News Ticker (Lichtkrant) C. van Dijk SVI-3x8 / MSX1
Peek Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8 / MSX1