C.U.C. INFO 07
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C.U.C. INFO 07



Published in May 1985.

Main content

General info

  • (SVI-3x8) CP/M (3)
  • The CIRCLE instruction
  • BASIC Info (6): Control keys and extra PRINT codes


Note: With exception of Screen 0 L/R, the specific SVI-3x8 software can also be used on MSX after some changes - see SVI-BASIC.


Title Author Generation
Caterpillar - Wire Painting
(Rups - Draadschilderij)
Frans Hondeman SVI-3x8 / MSX1
Circle Example 1 Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8 / MSX1
Circle Example 2 Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8 / MSX1
Cube (Kubus) Steve Lane SVI-3x8
C.U.C. Demo E. Struijs SVI-3x8
Screen 0 L/R Peter Zevenhoven SVI-3x8
Sprite$ Hans Peter Zeedijk SVI-3x8
Welcome (Welkom) Rob Fieret SVI-3x8


Title Author Generation Soundchips
Dice Peter Zevenhoven SVI-3x8 / MSX1 PSG
Hangman (Galgje) Wim van Weert SVI-3x8 PSG