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Sets the correspondance between MIDI note numbers and the five elements of a rhythm sound.


CALL MDR (<MidiNoteNumberForB>,<MidiNoteNumberForS>,<MidiNoteNumberForM>,<MidiNoteNumberForC>,<MidiNoteNnumberForH>)


<MidiNoteNumber> specifies the MIDI note number assigned to a specific element of a rhythm sound. It's a value between 0 and 127, all initial values ​​are set to 0.

B= bass drum, S=snare drum, M=tom-tom, C=cymbals, H=hi-hat

Many MIDI sound generators have a function (rhythm dedicated track) that assigns rhythm sound to each note of a specific channel. Each string of the PLAY instruction corresponds to only one channel. For rhythm sounds that play multiple sounds at the same time, you need to use this rhythm dedicated track.

The assignment of this rhythm tone differs depending on each MIDI device. Please refer to the manual of your MIDI device to know which values can actually be used.


CALL MDR (35,38,45,49,42)

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MSX-MUSIC BASIC also named MSX-MIDI BASIC in this case, because a MSX Turbo R with internal or external MSX-MIDI is required