CCG MSX Adapter For SVI-328
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The CCG MSX Adapter For SVI-328 is a cartridge that you can insert in the cartridge slot of the non-MSX Spectravideo SVI-318 and SVI-328 computers.

It contains two 16kB EPROMs whose content correspond to a modified version of the BIOS/BASIC rom of the SVI-728, the first real MSX computer released by Spectravideo.

It will partially transform the SVI-318/328 into a MSX1 computer as it allows to

  • use MSX1 tape games
  • use MSX-DOS 1 (only on SVI-328 when a disk drive is connected)
  • switch from SVI to MSX mode without losing memory
  • load a MSX-BASIC cassette, switch to SVI mode and save in that mode

The documentation includes a list of the compatible MSX1 games.

It was manufactured in 1987 by the Spanish CCG company.


CCG MSX Adapter manual
CCG MSX Adapter
CCG MSX Adapter back
CCG MSX Adapter PCB (back)