CVBS (6-pin DIN 45323)
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CVBS (6-pin DIN 45323)

Almost all European Sony MSX computers have a female 6-pin DIN 45323 connector, labelled as a Audio/Video connector.

It supports composite video out with separate audio. Note that even though the connector has both left and right audio channels, the MSX will always output in Mono.

Options sold for use with the connector

  • Sony RK-140 - Male 6 pin DIN to BNC video + RCA/Cinch Audio
  • Sony VMC-262M - Male 6 pin DIN to two RCA/Cinch connectors (video+audio)
  • Sony VMC-366 - Male 6 pin DIN to Male 6 pin DIN


Pin Name Description
1 +12V
2 Video Out Composite PAL
3 GND Ground
4 Audio Left Left Audio Out
5 N.C.
6 Audio right Right Audio Out