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Years active 1991-1994
Main activities demos, games
Founded by Bart, Bard, Hamish
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Bart, Bard
Former members Hamish
Website unknown



Cain was founded by Bart, Bard and Hamish in 1991. The group was formed after Bard was invited by Sunrise (Stefan Boer at that time) to create an intro demo for the first Sunrise Picturedisk. That intro features one of the longest scrollers (in reading time) ever created. Hamish actually came up with the name CAIN and he did all graphics the first demo, which ended up being his last contribution to CAIN as well when he left the group.


  • Bard (code)
  • Bart (graphics)
  • Hamish (graphics)


Unfinished productions

  • Twins, duo player platform game (much like The Lost Vikings for PC)
  • UGH!, port of the PC game in cooperation with MCA
  • Sleepwalkers, platformer

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