Canon Interface Unit TB
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The Interface Unit TB is a device similar to the Interface Unit for Data Memory Back used with the Canon Interface Unit DMB, but is conceived for the Canon EOS 6x0 professional series of cameras and was released in 1987.

First, you need to add the Canon Technical Back E module to the camera. This module has a LCD panel displaying the parameters and several buttons to change the settings.

It comes with a small separate keyboard, the Keyboard Unit E, which allows to input comments in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese). Up to 30 characters of random information can be recorded for each frame.

Then, you can connect the camera to a MSX computer by using the dedicated interface. The connection is made with a 6-pin connector attached to the interface. You can use any MSX computer with at least 16kB RAM and an internal or external RS-232C interface, what means that the Canon Interface Unit TB does not have such interface built-in.

A MSX computer with at least 32kB RAM is requested if you want to use the timer control feature of the Interface Unit TB.

The interface has its own RAM to store camera data such as shutter speed, aperture value, lens focal length and film speed.

The module was sold as Technical Back E, the interface as Interface Unit TB. The MSX interface was not available in North America and some other areas. However, a specific interface for IBM-PC was available in all countries.


The interface includes a ROM that displays a specific menu on the MSX computer with 6 options:

  • DUMP: transmit the data stored in the interface RAM to the computer
  • NOTE: add comments
  • DISP: display the data for several frames on the MSX screen
  • CSAVE: save data stored in the MSX memory on tape cassette
  • CLOAD: load data from tape cassette to the MSX memory
  • END: quit the menu

A SEARCH feature is also included in this firmware.


Additionnal software was provided on a cassette for creating fonts and for the TIMER and IMPRINT functions. It is possible to print all the data by connecting a printer to the MSX computer.


Canon Interface Unit TB
Canon Interface Unit TB with manual
Interface Unit TB with cassette
Canon Technical Back E module with Keyboard Unit E
Canon camera with Technical Back E module
Canon Interface Unit TB back
Canon Interface Unit TB - firmware