Canon V-8
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The Canon V-8 is the smallest MSX computer released by Canon. It has only one cartridge slot and no printer port. It's also amazing to see the integration of some components in a MSX-Engine for a computer with only 16kB RAM.

The cursor keys are located on the top-right of the casing to keep the keyboard and the computer as compact as possible. Its size is compact but you need to use the provided external AC adapter AD-10.

Size: 311(W) x 42.5(H) x 215(L)mm
Weight: 1.5kg (the unit) + ?kg (AC adapter)

Brand Canon
Model V-8
Year 1985-08-31
Region Japan
Launch price ¥39,800
RAM 16kB in slot 0
Media MSX cartridges
Video Texas Instruments TMS9118NL
Audio PSG (YM2149 integrated in MSX-Engine S3527)
Chipset Yamaha S3527
Keyboard layout QWERTY/JIS
Emulation ROM dumped and emulated


Canon V-8
Canon V-8 label
Canon V-8 with AC adapter
Canon V-8 PCB
Canon V-8 PCB back
Canon V-8 underside
Canon V-8 box
Canon V-8 back


The Canon V-8 is a MSX1 with a Z80 from NEC (D780C-1) and a MSX-Engine S3527 from Yamaha.

Slot Map

Slot 0 Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Page C000h~FFFFh RAM Cartridge
Page 8000h~BFFFh
Page 4000h~7FFFh Main-ROM
Page 0000h~3FFFh