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Carnivore2 is a multi-function MSX cartridge developed by the Russian Bear Service Crew (RBSC) in 2017. The project was released as open-source and several manufacturers were authorized to produce the cartridge commercially. The 8bits4ever and Carmeloco officially produce and sell this cartridge.

Price: About €115 including shipping costs worldwide.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Any MSX computer with one free standard cartridge slot


  • On the Arabic and Korean MSX machines a different boot block and main utility must be used
  • The first batch of cartridges produced by RBSC had tinned slot pads, the cartridges produced by 8bits4ever have gold-plated slot pads (fingers)



8bits4ever Carnivore 2 cartridge
8bits4ever Carnivore 2 cartridge Back
8bits4ever Carnivore 2 PCB Front (v2.2)
RBSC Carnivore 2 PCB Front (v2.1)
RBSC Carnivore 2 PCB Front (v2.2)


Carnivore 2 Main Screen
Carnivore 2 Help
Carnivore UI Setup
Carnivore 2 Volume Setup
Carnivore 2 Extra PSG/PPI Setup


  • Removable media: Compact Flash card
    • Maximum partition size: 4GB
    • Uses Nextor as DOS (native FAT12/16 support)
    • High speed transfer (read and write)
    • Supports CF-to-MicroSD adapters
    • Nextor supports DSK emulation
    • MSX-DOS and MSX-DOS2 capable tools
    • Can be configured as RAM expansion, disk drive, FM-PAC or SCC/SCC+ cartridge or as a combination of those
  • RAM: 2048KB (2MB)
    • Distribution:
      • 1024KB Memory mapper
      • 256KB for BIOS ROM shadowing
      • 720KB MegaRAM-alike mapper
      • 4KB (in the last 64KB block) for PAC SRAM (requires in internal battery to preserve data after power-off)
  • FlashROM: 8MB (64Mbits)
    • Fast Writing
    • first 256kb used for service areas and BIOS ROMs
    • Mapper emulation:
      • up to 64K plain ROM
      • ASCII 8K
      • ASCII 16K
      • Konami4
      • Konami5 (SCC/SCC+)
      • custom-configurable mapper
  • Sound
    • Extra PPI click and PSG emulation (I/O ports: 10h-12h)
    • Konami SCC and SCC-I emulation
    • Emulated OPLL (YM2413, MSX-MUSIC) with its ROM BIOS translated to English
    • volume control for each emulated device
    • PSG and PPI can be disabled in the UI
  • Additional info
    • Boot menu with multiple entries (ROM or configuration)
      • Entry sorting
      • Customizable UI (colors, sorting, key repeat speed, fade effects)
      • Help pages
      • Volume control for all emulated sound hardware
      • Joystick and joypad support
      • 50/60Hz switching support
      • Turbo/R800 mode switching support
      • Supports entry auto-start with timer
    • Konami sized cartridge
    • Operates at standard 3.58 MHz as well as at overclocked 7.11 MHz bus speeds
    • Powered by a FPGA (EP2C5Q208C8 Altera CYCLONE II)
    • Uses proprietary software to manage all functions
      • ROM loader into FlashROM and RAM
      • backup tool for FlashROM, configuration mini FlashROM and PAC SRAM
      • IDE interface testing tool, etc.
    • Noob friendly