Casio AD-4110
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The Casio AD-4110 is an external power supply (PSU), that was supplied with the Japanese Casio PV-16 and Sanno SPCmk-III MSX computers.


Casio AD-4110
Casio AD-4110 back
Casio AD-4110 label


The connector is a common barrel connector with center negative. Outer diameter is 5.5mm, inner is 2.1mm

The output specs are identical to the Casio AD-4810.

  • Input: AC 100V ~ 50/60Hz 14VA
  • Output: DC 10V ⎓ 800mA

Alternative PSU

If you want to replace the PSU of your Casio PV-16 or Sanno SPCmk-III, you can buy the PSU for Sega Megadrive/Genesis (1602 and SA-160A/B) or Super Famicom/SNES and SNES Junior from US (HVC-002 and SNS-002) instead. Connector is same (Ø: Outer 5.5mm, Inner 2.1mm) and specifications are very close.

Their specifications are DC 9V, 1.2A and 10V, 0.85A (850mA) because it's not a regulated power supply, the output voltage varies a bit depending on the amperage. You can use both. Avoid the Chinese 9V, 850mA PSU, which may be a bit tight.

But be careful because PSU for Megadrive/Genesis model 2 and 3 (MK-1636-05, MK-4122, MK-1479 and SA-190A/B) are not usable. PSUs for European SNES (NES-002E & NES-002ED) are not usable either because they provide AC voltage. The PC Engine PSUs that can support a sufficient amperage can be used (at last 900mA).

Before buying, check the amperage (between 800mA and 1.2A) and if the negative is at center. And obviously, take a PSU that corresponds to the input voltage of your country.

The most common failure of the PSU for Super Famicom/SNES is the thin wire of the transformer breaking at the input. It is easly repairable with a soldering iron provided you make a specific screwdriver by filing the center of a cheap flat screwdriver to open the case. This specific screwdriver is not sold commercially.