Casio KB-7
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The Casio KB-7 is an expansion unit for the following computers:

It adds two cartridge slots (primary slots) and the printer port to these computers. Unlike the MSX cartridge slots in the Casio computers, the cartridge slots on the expansion unit are not crippled. It adds also 8kB RAM on area (C000h~DFFFh) of page 3, but only with the Casio PV-7 and the Sanno SPCmk-II.

The AC power adaptor provided with the computer is no longer needed as the KB-7 has its own internal power supply. The unit was available in black (BK) and red (RD) colors.

Launch price: ¥14,800


Casio KB-7
Casio KB-7 inside
Casio PV-7 with KB-7
Casio PV-16 RD + KB-7 BK
Casio KB-7 inside
Casio PV-16 RD + KB-7 RD
Casio PV-7 + KB-7 left side
Casio PV-7 + KB-7 back
Casio PV-7 + KB-7 right side
Casio PV-16 BK + KB-7 BK left side
Casio PV-16 BK + KB-7 BK back
Casio PV-16 BK + KB-7 BK right side
Casio KB-7 box

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