Casio OR-208
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The expansion OR-208 is usable only on the MSX1 Casio PV-7 and its clone, the Sanno SPCmk-II. Product name is "8KB Kakuchou RAM Cartridge".

This cartridge expands the RAM to 16kB. It is in fact identical to the OR-216 as it has a solder drop for page 2 or 3 (see PCB picture).

The cartridge actually contains 16kB RAM located on page 3 (C000h~FFFFh). The Bios replaces the Casio PV-7 8kB RAM by the 16kB RAM of this cartridge. So this RAM expansion is almost useless on other MSXs.

If you are looking for a memory expansion we recommend to buy another standard expansion even for the mentioned computers. A Memory Mapper cartridge that initializes its segments itself at start up is the best choice.


Casio OR-208 box
Casio OR-208 cartridge
Casio OR-208 cartridge
Casio OR-208 PCB
Casio OR-208 PCB-back

System Requirements