Casio PV-2000
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PV-2000 is a computer with hardware close to MSX1s, the main difference is the sound chip. It was released in october 1983 in Japan. The PV-2000 is very difficult to find in good condition because the keyboard film crumble off over time.

Power supply is external.

Casio released the PV-1000 game console around the same time. This one looks very similar but is not compatible at all except joysticks.

Brand Casio
Type PV-2000
Year 1983
Region Japan
Original price ¥29,800 at launch
Media PV-2000 cartridges
Video Texas Instruments TMS9918A
Audio Texas Instruments SN76489AN
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Casio PV-2000 packaging
Casio PV-2000 controller connectors
Casio PV-2000 connectors
Casio PV-2000
Casio PV-2000 rear
Casio PV-2000 model sticker
Casio PV-2000 with keyboard crumbled
Casio PV-2000 opened


CPU is a NEC Z80 (μPD780C-1) with 4kB of RAM. 16kB ROM that contains the BIOS.

The PV-2000 RAM is expandable with a specific module.


  • RF-output
  • Analog sound & video composite output
  • PV-2000 cartridge slot
  • Printer slot
  • Expansion slot for RAM
  • Data recorder port
  • 1 joysticks ports for the joystick 2 (DE-9 type), joystick 1 can't be removed
  • Power supply input (DC -5V 0.40mA, +5V 530mA, +12V 157mA)

Run PV-2000 software on MSX

PV-2000 software can't run on MSX without changes. No loader is available and no software was converted.

The differences between the PV-2000 and MSXs are:

  • Memory map
  • BIOS
  • Used I/O ports
  • PSG is a SN76489 instead of AY-3-8910 (noise generator is on a separate voice)
  • Controllers

Fixes and upgrades