Category:Adapters for controllers
This page was last modified 10:09, 23 September 2022 by Mars2000you. Based on work by Gdx and Wild Penguin.

List of all known adapters which can enable using controllers (gamepads, joysticks, mice, etc) designed for another system on the MSX, and also adapters for MSX controllers to use to another system or to expand the fonctionalities on the MSX.

DIY projects could be listed here, and adapters which enable using MSX joysticks / pads on other systems could also be listed here. This could also be expanded for other adapters which can be used with the GP ports, such as mice!


Adapters for controller from other machines

Adapters for PlayStation controller

Adapters for Sega Genesis/MegaDrive controller

Adapters for SNES/NES controller

Adapters for Mouse

Adapters to expand the functionalities

MSX Joystick to another system

Note: also for many other (than MSX) joysticks