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This Wiki section is about all computers or game consoles of the time with hardware close to the MSXs. The list below is therefore that of the machines with at least one Z80 running at the same frequency and a same VDP or compatible. This is the minimum required to hope to be able to convert their software. None of these machines are MSX compatible (neither software nor hardware).


  • The Sega Mark III and Sega Master System are consoles that keep compatibility with the almost MSX SG-1000 machine, but they have a customized video chip allowing a new video mode, that makes them different from the MSX system.
  • Although having a BASIC very close to MSX-BASIC, the Sanyo PHC-25, Goldstar FC-100, Hino CEFUCOM-21, Seiko MAP-1010, etc are not close enough to the MSX computers. PSG is the same but Z80 frequency and VDP are different. Those are NEC PC-6001 compatibles.


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