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Philips’ first entry in the computer scene was the Philips Odyssey² (also known as the Magnavox) game console in 1978. This was followed in 1980 by their first home computer, the Philips P2000T. In France in 1984 they launched the Philips VG-5000 which was manufactured at the same facility as the first Philips MSX computers which came out the same year.

Philips was probably the most important reason that MSX gained a larger traction in the Netherlands than surrounding countries. As a big backer of the MSX standard, they released a lot of MSX1 and MSX2 computers and a lot of different hardware and expansions like monitors, printers and mice. They also brought the MSX-AUDIO standard to the MSX with the NMS 1205 Music Module and supported advanced video editing with the NMS 8280.

The first Philips MSX model released was the VG-8000 in 1984, and the final model was the MSX2 NMS 8280 in 1987. However, Philips Italy did have a little revival in 1989 with the release of the (not quite) "compatible" MSX1 machines (NMS 800 and NMS 801) which were manufactured by the Italian division of Celint, a UK company. They also developed a MSX add-on adapter for the IBM PC, the MSX PC which ended up being sold in 1990 by the Philips Homecomputer Club in the Netherlands as Philips had abandoned the MSX market.

The first Philips MSX1 systems were produced by La Radiotechnique, while MSX2 systems were initially made by NEC and Kyocera, and later models by Sanyo.



Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Philips NMS 800 1989 IT Philips VG-8010 1985 BE, DE, ES, FR, NL
Philips NMS 801 1989 IT Philips VG-8020 1985 BE, DE, ES, FR, NL
Philips VG-8000 1984 BE, DE, FI
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2 Philips HCS 280 1990 ES, IT, NL Philips NMS 8260 1987 Prototype
Philips NMS 8220 1987 BE, ES, FR, NL Philips NMS 8280 1987 BE, ES, DE, FR, NL
Philips NMS 8245 1987 BE, ES, FR, NL Philips VG-8230 1986 NL
Philips NMS 8245 Home Banking 1987 IT Philips VG-8235 1986 BE, ES, DE, FR, NL
Philips NMS 8250 1987 BE, ES, FR, NL Philips VG-8240 1986 Prototype
Philips NMS 8255 1987 BE, ES, FR, NL


Product Description
Philips 390.1920 Joy Card (Joypad)
Philips NMS 0006 Joystick
Philips NMS 850 Joystick
Philips NMS 855 Joy Cap
Philips NMS 1110 Joystick
Philips NMS 1112 Joystick
Philips NMS 1115 Joystick
Philips NMS 1140 Mouse
Philips NMS 1150 Graphic Tablet
Philips SBC 3810 Mouse
Philips VU 0001 Joystick
Philips VU 0005 Joystick
Philips VU 0060 Graphic Tablet (unreleased)
Philips VZ-1921 Mouse

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Philips MT-Telcom II Modem
Philips NMS 1210 Single RS-232C interface adapter
Philips NMS 1211 Double RS-232C interface adapter
Philips NMS 1212 RS-232C + RS-422 interface adapter
Philips NMS 1250 Modem
Philips NMS 1255 Modem
Philips NMS 1260 Italian Videotel modem
Philips NMS 3200/00 Webwork interface
Philips NMS 8816 Italian package: VG-8020 + NMS 1260 + NMS 1520 + 3 games
Philips VG-8180 MT-Viditel RS-232C interface
Philips VG-8185 MT-Telcom modem
Philips VU 0041 Slot expansion cartridge for VG-8000/VG-8010
Philips VU 0042 RS-232C interface

Power Supplies

Product Description
Philips VU 0022 PSU for VG-8000 and VG-8010 computers

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Philips NMS 1170 Barcode reader
Philips NMS 1190 Barcode reader
Philips NMS 1421 Dot matrix printer
Philips NMS 1431 Dot matrix printer
Philips NMS 1436 Dot matrix printer
Philips SBC 427 Black ink ribbon for VW 0010
Philips SBC 431 Paper roll
Philips SBC 436 Black ink ribbon for VW 0030 and
NMS 1421/1431/1436
Philips SBC 1060 Printer cable
Philips VU 0040 Printer interface for VG-8000/VG-8010
Philips VW 0010 Dot matrix printer
Philips VW 0020 Dot matrix printer
Philips VW 0030 Dot matrix printer


Product Description
Philips D6260 Data Recorder
Philips D6280 Data Recorder
Philips D6340 Data Recorder
Philips D6350 Data Recorder
Philips D6450 Data Recorder
Philips D6460P Data Recorder
Philips D6600/30P Data Recorder
Philips D6600/60P Data Recorder
Philips D6620/30P Data Recorder
Philips D6625 Data Recorder
Philips NMS 0210 CD-ROM interface (fair and show use with the CDR-X1000)
Philips NMS 100 Megapack 1: VG-8020 + NMS 6969 + NMS 0006 + 100 games
Philips NMS 200 Megapack 2: VG-8020 + NMS 1510 (or 1515) + NMS 1112 + 50 games
Philips NMS 300 Megapack 3: VG-8020 + NMS 1510 (or 1515) + NMS 1112 + VS 0040 + 50 games
Philips NMS 1200 FDD Interface adapter
Philips NMS 1510 Data Recorder
Philips NMS 1515 Data Recorder
Philips NMS 1520 Data Recorder
Philips NMS 6969 Data Recorder
Philips NMS 8020/00 Logopack: VG-8020 + NMS 1510 (or 1515) + MSX-Logo + rucksack
Philips NMS 8815 Italian package: VG-8020 + D6450/60P + VU 0001 + 3 games
Philips Recorder Data Recorder provided with NMS 800/801
Philips SBC 1051 Data Recorder cable
Philips VU 0031 16kB RAM expansion
Philips VU 0034 64kB RAM expansion
Philips VU 0064 64kB RAM expansion
Philips VY-0002 Quick Disk Drive with Interface
Philips VY-0010 External 3.5" 360kB FDD with Interface
Philips VY-0011 Second External 3.5" 360kB FDD for VY-0010
Philips VY-0030 Data Recorder


Product Description
Philips CM 8802 Color monitor
Philips CM 8832 Color monitor
Philips CM 8833 Color monitor
Philips CM 8852 Color monitor
Philips HCS 32 Color monitor
Philips HCS 35 Color monitor
Philips NMS 1160 Music keyboard for NMS 1205
Philips NMS 1205 MSX-AUDIO cartridge
Philips SBC 1009 6-pin DIN to SCART
Philips SBC 1044 5-pin DIN to AV RCA
Philips Spare number 4822 397 30121 Service cartridge
Philips Spare number 4822 397 30135 Floppy disk drive test
Philips Spare number 4822 397 30138 Service test cartridge for VG-8230/8235
Philips VS 0040 Monochrome monitor (green)
Philips VS 0060 Color monitor
Philips VS 0070 Color monitor
Philips VS 0080 Color monitor
Philips VU 0011 RF video modulator for SECAM

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