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Sony was one of the staunchest supporters of the MSX standard, starting with the MSX1 HB-55 in late 1983 and continuing its support up to the MSX2+ HB-F1XV in late 1989. They produced a lot of MSX computers and peripherals. They also created and published software.

Contrary to other companies that released localised versions of their computers under the same reference (example: Philips) or another brand name (example: Daewoo), Sony released its own localized versions of some computers by adding a letter to indicate the target countries. That's why subcategories have been created for these machines. Note that the HB-20, HB-501, HB-F9, HB-F700 and HB-G900 computers have been released only outside Japan.

The Hit Bit name was used in Japan prior to the MSX for the non-MSX Sony SMC-777 computer (SMC means Sony Micro Computer) and electronic typewriters

The woman appearing in many Sony Japan ads is Seiko Matsuda, a famous Japanese pop singer



Subcategories (check them to get the technical details for the models of a same series and see the eventual differences!)

Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Sony HB-10 1985 JP Sony HB-75D 1984 DE
Sony HB-10B 1986 UK Sony HB-75F 1984 FR
Sony HB-10D 1986 DE, NL Sony HB-75P 1984 Europe (PAL)
Sony HB-10P 1986 Europe (PAL) Sony HB-101 1984 JP
Sony HB-11 1986 JP Sony HB-101P 1984 Europe (PAL)
Sony HB-20N 1986 Europe (PAL) Sony HB-201 1985 JP
Sony HB-20P 1986 Europe (PAL) Sony HB-201P 1985 Europe (PAL)
Sony HB-55 1983 JP Sony HB-501F 1984 FR
Sony HB-55P 1984 Europe (PAL) Sony HB-501P 1984 Europe (PAL)
Sony HB-75 1984 JP Sony HB-701 1984 JP
Sony HB-75AS 1984 AU Sony HB-701FD 1984 JP
Sony HB-75B 1984 UK
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2 Sony HB-F1 1986 JP Sony HB-F9P 1986 Europe (PAL)
Sony HB-F1II 1987 JP Sony HB-F9S 1986 ES
Sony HB-F1XD 1987 JP Sony HB-G900AP 1987 Europe (PAL)
Sony HB-F1XDmk2 1988 JP Sony HB-G900D 1986 DE
Sony HB-F5 1985 JP Sony HB-G900F 1986 FR
Sony HB-F500 1985 JP Sony HB-G900P 1986 Europe (PAL)
Sony HB-F500F 1986 FR Sony HB-T600 1987 JP
Sony HB-F500P 1986 Europe (PAL) Sony HB-T7 1987 JP
Sony HB-F700B 1986 UK Sony LSC-1100 JP
Sony HB-F700D 1986 DE
Sony HB-F700F 1986 FR Sony XV-J550 (*) 1987 JP
Sony HB-F700P 1986 Europe (PAL) Sony XV-J555 (*) JP
Sony HB-F700S 1986 ES Sony XV-J770 (*) JP
Sony HB-F750 1986 Prototype Sony XV-J777 (*) JP
Sony HB-F900 1986 JP Sony XV-T550 (*) Europe
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2+ Sony HB-F1XDJ 1988 JP Sony HB-F1XV 1989 JP

(*) MSX2-based appliance


Product Description
Sony GB-5 Trackball
Sony GB-6 Trackball
Sony GB-7 Trackball
Sony JS-33 Joypad
Sony JS-55 Joystick
Sony JS-70 Joystick
Sony JS-75 Wireless Joysticks + JS-C75 sensor
Sony JS-303T Joypad
Sony JSS-11 Turbo Joystick
Sony KBD-1 Japanese keyboard for Sony HB-F500
Sony KBD-1F French keyboard for Sony HB-F500F
Sony KBD-1P UK keyboard for Sony HB-F500P
Sony KBD-12B (?) UK keyboard for Sony HB-F700B
Sony KBD-12D German keyboard for HB-F700D and HB-G900D
Sony KBD-12F French keyboard for HB-F700F and HB-G900F
Sony KBD-12P UK keyboard for HB-F700P (? and HB-F700B) and HB-G900P
Sony KBD-12S (?) Spanish keyboard for HB-F700S
Sony KBD-13 JP white keyboard for HB-T600
Sony KBD-13(B) JP black keyboard for HB-F900
Sony MOS-1 Mouse
Sony MOS-2 Mouse

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Sony HBI-50 2 slot expander for HB-55 and HB-75
Sony HBI-232 RS-232C Serial interface
Sony HBI-300 Modem
Sony HBI-1200 Modem
Sony IF-180 RS-232C interface box for LDP-180

Power Supplies

Product Description
Sony AC-C41 PSU for PRN-C41 printer
Sony AC-HB1 PSU for HB-10 computer
Sony AC-HB1B PSU for HB-10B computer
Sony AC-HB1D PSU for HB-10D computer
Sony AC-HB1P PSU for HB-10P and HB-20N computers
Sony AC-HB2P PSU for HB-20P computer
Sony AC-HB3 PSU for HB-F1 and HB-F1II computers
Sony AC-T11 PSU for PRN-T24 printer

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Sony HBK-100 Printer cable
Sony HBP-F1 Thermal Kanji printer
Sony HBP-F1C Thermal Color Kanji printer
Sony HBP-R1(B) Black Print cartridge for the HBP-F1
Sony HBP-R1C Color Print cartridge for the HBP-F1C
Sony PRK-C41 Plotter pen, small
Sony PRK-C42 Plotter pen, big
Sony PRK-T10 Ink Ribbon
Sony PRN-120 Printer
Sony PRN-C41 Color Plotter (4 colors)
Sony PRN-F24 Paper roll holder for PRN-T24
Sony PRN-M09 9 Dot Matrix Printer
Sony PRN-M24 24 Dot Matrix Kanji Printer
Sony PRN-M24 TypeII 24 Dot Matrix Kanji Printer
Sony PRN-T24 24 Dot Thermal Printer
Sony SMK-720 Printer cable
Sony UP-10K Video Graphic Printer


Product Description
Sony HBD-20W External 3.5" 720kB FDD
Sony HBD-30W External 3.5" 720kB FDD
Sony HBD-50 External 3.5" 360kB FDD
Sony HBD-100 Internal 3.5" 360kB FDD for HB-701
Sony HBD-F1 External 3.5" 720kB FDD
Sony HBD-G900 Second drive for HB-G900
Sony HBI-55 4kB SRAM data cartridge
Sony HBK-30 FDD interface adapter for HBD-30W
Sony HBK-35 FDD cable
Sony HBK-50 Data Recorder cable
Sony HBM-16 16kB RAM expansion cartridge
Sony HBM-64 64kB RAM expansion cartridge
Sony HBM-512 512kB RAM expansion cartridge with Memory mapper
Sony LDP-150 LaserDisc Player
Sony LDP-180P LaserDisc Player
Sony LDP-250CD Compact Disc/LaserDisc Player
Sony LDP-1500P LaserDisc Player
Sony LDP-1550P LaserDisc Player
Sony LDP-1600P LaserDisc Player
Sony SDC-500 Data Recorder
Sony SDC-600 Data Recorder
Sony SDC-600S Data Recorder
Sony TCM-818 Data Recorder
Sony TCM-828 Data Recorder
Sony TCM-838 Data Recorder
Sony TCM-848 Data Recorder
Sony TCM-858 Data Recorder
Sony TCM-3000D Data Recorder


Product Description
Sony CXD1032 Disk controller


Product Description
Sony CPD-14CD1 Color monitor
Sony CPS-14F1 14" analogue RGB monitor
Sony CPV-14CD2 Color RGB monitor
Sony DN-602 12" monochrome monitor
Sony HBI-F900 AV Creator for HB-F900
Sony HBI-G900P Videotizer for HB-G900 models
Sony HBI-J1 MSX-JE, Kanji-ROM JIS1+2 cartridge
Sony HBI-K16 Kanji-ROM JIS1
Sony HBI-V1 Video digitizer
Sony HBJ-H081C Sensor Kid cartridge
Sony HBK-0821 DIN-8 to RGB21 cable
Sony HBK-0821II DIN-8 to RGB21 cable
Sony HBK-0821CE 8 pin RGB DIN to SCART cable
Sony HBK-2125CE 25 pin RGB to SCART cable
Sony HBS-B001D Word Land Sentence I
Sony HBS-B003C Word Land Sentence II
Sony HBS-B004D Japanese Word Processor Kan Juku Tomato
Sony HBS-B012D Japanese Word Processor - Document Writer
Sony HBS-H022D Easy Telopper II
Sony KV-1430 Color monitor
Sony KV-14CP2 Color monitor
Sony KV-14D2 Color TV/monitor
Sony KV-14DR2 Color monitor
Sony KV-14G1 Color monitor
Sony KV-14G2 Color TV/monitor
Sony KV-14G3 Color monitor
Sony KV-14G11 Color monitor
Sony KV-14GR1 Color monitor
Sony KV-16D1 Color TV/monitor
Sony KV-18DR1 Color TV/monitor
Sony KV-M14D Color TV/monitor
Sony KV-P14D Color TV/monitor
Sony KX-14CP1 Color monitor
Sony KX-14HD1 Color monitor
Sony NIU-100EP UMATIC video controller board for HB-G900
Sony PRN-K24 Kanji-ROM JIS1 for PRN-T24 printer
Sony PRN-K41 Kanji-ROM JIS1 for PRN-C41 printer
Sony RK-140 6 pin DIN to BNC Video + RCA/Cinch Audio cable
Sony SPC-14 Monitor
Sony VMC-262M 6 pin DIN to RCA/Cinch Audio/Video cable
Sony VMC-366 6 pin DIN to 6 pin DIN Audio/Video cable

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