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Sparrowsoft was a Dutch company run by André van Norden out of Terhorne, appearing on the market in early 1986. They initially sold software products via mail-order, but later also started to offer upgrades and hardware products. In MCM 27 (December 1988) they announced a merger with HSH, and started to offer an early version of MSX-DOS 2.10. A few months later in MCM 31 (July-August 1989) it is mentioned the two companies had a falling out, and that HSH was suing Sparrowsoft over selling unlicensed ASCII products.

Despite this, Sparrowsoft continued to offer products containing ASCII software. Sparrowsoft changed their name to Stichting Green or Green B.V. around October 1989. After the demise of Green B.V., it tried to continue its activities under the name MSX Interactive, after which the company vanished in the early 1990s.

During the years Sparrowsoft was active, André van Norden was also a frequent contributor to the MSX Info magazine, which published various articles strongly promoting Sparrowsoft's products.

Hardware Products

Product Description
Sparrowsoft 512kB Memory Mapper 512kB Memory Expansion
Sparrowsoft MSX-DOS 2.10 MSX-DOS cartridge
Sparrowsoft MSX-DOS 2.20 MSX-DOS cartridge
Sparrowsoft SCSI Interface SCSI HDD controller

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