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SpectraVideo International (SVI) was an American compagny founded by Harry Fox in 1981 that has manufactured computer/console hardware and software. It was originally called SpectraVision.

A list of MSX models and accessories created by Spectravideo.

Prior to the SVI 7x8 machines, Spectravideo made the SVI 3x8 models, which although close to the MSX standard, are not MSX compatible.

The Quickshot game controllers also originated at Spectravideo. Early versions where branded as Spectravideo with SV- or SVI- model numbers. Later models, when Spectravideo moved it's operations from the US to Hong Kong, to it's major shareholder Bondwell, are often branded as Bondwell Quickshot and have model numbers starting with QS-. For these later models, see the Quickshot page.

Before Spectravideo name was selected the company was known as Spectravision for a while.

Spectravideo also released a PC and MSX hybrid, the X'Press 16, which with the addition of the MSX Game Adapter could use MSX1 cartridge based software.



MSX Computers

Type Model Year Region
MSX1 Spectravideo SVI-728 1984 AE, BE, DK, ES, EG, FR, FI, NL, NO, SE, UK and Middle East
MSX1 Spectravideo SVI-738 (X'press) 1985 AE, BE, DK, ES, EG, FR, FI, NL, NO, SE, UK and Middle East

Other Computers

Type Model Year Region
SVI SV-318 1983 International
SVI SV-328 1983 International
SVI SVI-318 MK2 1984 International
SVI SVI-328 MK2 1984 International
PC/MSX1* Spectravideo SVI-838 (X'press 16) 1986 International/FI
PC Spectravideo SVI-808 1987 International
PC Spectravideo SVI-828 (X'press 16P) 1987 International
PC Spectravideo SVI-256 1987 International
PC Spectravideo SVI-640 1987 International

(*) Only partially by using the optional MSX Game Adapter.


Product Description
Spectravideo SVI-101M Joystick - QuickShot I
Spectravideo SVI-102M Joystick - QuickShot II
Spectravideo SVI-105M Graphic Tablet
Spectravideo SVI-106 Joystick - QuickShot V
Spectravideo SVI-107M Joycard - QuickShot VII
Spectravideo SVI-109M Joyball - QuickShot IX
Spectravideo SVI-110P Joystick - QuickShot X
Spectravideo SVI-111 Joystick - QuickShot II Turbo

See also Quickshot Joysticks

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Spectravideo MXTELX Adapter to use your MSX as Minitel server
Spectravideo SVI-209 RS-232C serial cable
Spectravideo SVI-213 Cartridge slot to Expansion Bus adapter
Spectravideo SVI-709 Network Interface Card compatible with the SVI-609 LAN Server Expander
Spectravideo SVI-718 Slot expander
Spectravideo SVI-737 Modem + RS-232C interface
Spectravideo SVI-757 RS-232C interface
Spectravideo SVI-778 Expansionslot
Spectravideo SVI-779 Expansionslot to ROM slot converter

Power Supplies

Product Description
Spectravideo SVI-201 PSU for SVI-300 computer series, SVI-728
computer and SVI-707 disk drive
PSU for SVI-738 computer
PSU for SVI-828 computer
PSU for SVI-838 computer

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Spectravideo SV-3000 Dot Matrix Printer


Product Description
Spectravideo SV-668 Data recorder
Spectravideo SV-669 Data recorder
Spectravideo SV-1400 Data recorder
Spectravideo SVI-208 Data recorder cable
Spectravideo SVI-707 External 5.25" 320kB FDD for SVI-728
Spectravideo SVI-717 Interface for 2 FDD
Spectravideo SVI-747 64kB RAM expansion
Spectravideo SVI-767 Data recorder
Spectravideo SVI-767TP Data recorder
Spectravideo SVI-777 Stringy Floppy Drive (Data recorder)
Spectravideo SVI-787 External 3.5" 360kB FDD for SVI-738


Product Description
Spectravideo SM738C Service Test cartridge for SVI-738
Spectravideo SV-7600 12" monochrome monitor
Spectravideo SV-7700 12" monochrome monitor
Spectravideo SV-7800 12" monochrome monitor
Spectravideo SV-7900 18" color monitor
Spectravideo SVI-606 MSX Game Adapter for SVI-318/SVI-328
Spectravideo SVI-727 80 columns cartridge
Spectravideo SVI-811 MSX Game Adapter for SVI-838
Spectravideo SVI-2000 Robotic arm



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