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ASCII Corporation logo

ASCII Corporation was the main driving force behind the MSX standard, and the founding of the MSX Association. They also published MSX software, published a Japanese MSX Magazine, and sold various MSX peripherals under the ASCII brand.

They also designed the R800 processor for the MSX Turbo R.




Product Description
ASCII AS-3088-MX Joystick - Stick
ASCII AS-5599-MX Joystick - Stick II Turbo
ASCII AS-7749-MX Joystick - Stick X Turbo
ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser Light Gun

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
ASCII MD-2400F Modem
ASCII MSX-Serial 232 RS-232C serial interface


Product Description
ASCII HD Interface SCSI interface
ASCII MEM-768 768kB Memory Mapper
ASCII Nihongo MSX-DOS 2 MSX-DOS2 cartridge with Memory Mapper


Product Description
MegaROM Emulator board model 256
ASCII - Sunrise MSX Game Reader USB attached MSX cartridge slot
ASCII MSXPC 20th Anniversary Model PC with built-in MSX-PLAYer emulator


Product Description
ASCII MSX-DOS 2 MSX Disk Operating System v2
ASCII MSX-TERM Communication software
ASCII MSX-Write MSX-JE + Japanese Word Processor
ASCII MSX-Write II MSX-JE + Japanese Word Processor
MSX-PLAYer Emulator