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AVT Electronics from The Hague, the Netherlands, was a distributor of re-branded MSX products, active on the Dutch and Belgian markets. The company was led by Lex van Tienhoven (which may explain the name AVT: Alexander Van Tienhoven).

They seemed to have some sort of special cooperation with the computer shop ECC (Europees Computer Centrum) in Belgium, as some of ECC's small scale produced MSX products were sold with an AVT logo on them and ECC also made some enhancements on AVT products (like enhanced disk ROMs for the AVT DPF-550).

AVT began by selling the Goldstar FC-200, which they initially called the AVT FC-200 at the Firato in 1984, but was never actually branded as such when it was offered for sale. They also imported and sold the Yashica YC-64 (at least in The Netherlands in early 1985). Later they switched to selling re-branded Daewoo machines.



Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 AVT DPC-200 1985 BE, NL AVT FC-200 1984 NL
Model Year Region
MSX2 AVT CPC-300 1987 (*) NL

(*) = Prototype


Product Description
AVT DPF-550 External 5.25" 180kB FDD with Interface
AVT QDM-01 Quick Diskdrive (QD) with Interface

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