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This Wiki section is about all systems with hardware very close to the MSX standard:

  • Coleco
    • ColecoVision
    • Coleco Adam
  • Sega
  • Others
    • Bit Corporation Bit-90
    • Canon X-07
    • Casio PV-2000
    • Goldstar FC-100 (Sanyo PHC-25 clone)
    • Goldstar FC-150 (Sord M5 clone)
    • Hino CEFUCOM-21 (Sanyo PHC-25 compatible)
    • Koryo Systems Tommycom (Sord M5 clone) - see
    • Memotech MTX
    • Samsung SPC-500 (Sord M5 clone)
    • Samsung SPC-1000
    • Sanyo PHC-25
    • Seiko MAP-1010 (Sanyo PHC-25 compatible)
    • Sord M5
    • Tatung Einstein
    • Texas Instruments 99/4A
    • Tomy Pyuuta/Tutor


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