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music - member of Deventer Terror Corporation and Totally Chaos

(because it is strange that some one else write here about me, I tell my story about my history with MSX)

It began in 1988, I own a NMS 8220 MSX 2, with build in MSX designer and a data recorder with some games (30 MSX Hits from Eurosoft/Premium software). I started with the Videopac G-7400 from Philips in 1984. That was my first real console.

I was a member of Deventer Terror Corporation and Totally Chaos, write some music and content for the (disk) magazines, started in 1995. I also participated in Orange Butt BBS from old friend Robert-Jan Regout. I continued writing music with Adobe Audition, after quitting MSX DTC in 1997.

So, in the early days (1995 - 1997) I wrote some (hardcore/gabber) music in Moonblaster (Music Module), made some hardcore remixes of songs from Robert Vroemisse, continue in MB-Wave (OPL4), and on the Commodore Amiga 500 with ProTracker. But I left the Amiga 500 in 1995.

I quit the MSX scene in 2004, after I was a moderator on the MSX-posse website from owner Robert-Jan Regout. In 2005, after quitting with writing music on the MSX, I participated in a DJ contest at, a known Dutch blog, and won the third price with it.

It all began with the MSX, and my style was inspired by writing it in Moonblaster on the MSX. You can hear it back in the music (later). Same style as on the good old MSX!

I also visit some Dutch MSX fairs with Robert-Jan Regout in the early 90's with our club MSX DTC, that was at that time a good friend of mine. I was also interested in MSX hardware, repairing, broke it, and experiment with some MSX stuff at that time. But the most active period was 1995-1997, where I write hardcore/gabber music for the disk magazines, in Moonblaster and MB-Wave on the OPL4. It was a great time, and I will never forget it! MSX will be for ever in my heart.

MSX was still there in all those years. In 2003 I owned an MSX2+ Sony HB-F1XDJ, which was always my dream machine. I wanted it, when I saw a review in MSX Computer Magazine in 1989. But unfortunately I have to sell it in 2014, with tears in my eyes.

And yes, MSX is still in my life nowadays (2018)! My equipment is: MSX2 (NMS 8245 & 8250). I modify the 8250 to MSX2+ with 512 Kb RAM, owned a Carnivore 2 & GR8NET cartridge, MSX Music Module, Shockwave 2 (OPL4), some MSX magazines and games on cartridge. Less is more!

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