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CE-TEC was a German company, importing computer equipment from Japan and South Korea.

Originally located in Hamburg, but moved to Ahrensburg in early 1986.

They introduced one MSX computer in 1985, the MPC-80, a re-branded Daewoo DPC-200. They also created a few simple games. It was reported in a CEBIT report of 1986 in Happy Computer magazine, that they had withdrawn from the MSX market.




Model Year Region
MSX1 CE-TEC MPC-80 1985 DE


Product Description
CE-TEC DPF-550 External 5.25" 180kB FDD with Interface

Unknown branding

CE-TEC also advertised the following products for the MSX, it is unknown if they were CE-TEC branded.

Product Description Price (DM)
DR-201 Data recorder 158
DPQ-280 Quick Disk drive 498
PDM-PC Matrix printer 130 cps 998
DPJ-900 Joystick 34.90

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