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Chaos (Frederik Boelens) is a Dutch programmer, designer and composer who appeared in the MSX scene during the late 90's and the revival years. He's a member of TeddyWareZ and Infinite although barely active in recent times.

A particular credit goes to his MSX port of the popular puzzle game Guru Logic (2002), a game which caught the attention of Compile, the original creators of Guru Logic. This Japanese company suggested Chaos to create an official port of the Guru Logic Champ game, it was in fact to be a commercial game. Chaos, knowing this mission would be too big for himself, asked several people to form a team. This development has been plagued by struggles among team members, and as of today it's still unfinished. Any developments to the game are being done by The New Image.

After already having cooperated with Wolf, he and Wolf started Infinite in 2003.


as coder

  • Guru Logic (2002)
  • Digital Snow (2004)
  • Coral 2 (plasma logo) (2004)

as level designer

  • Montana John and the Templar's Treasure (2008)
  • Jailbreak (2010)

as writer

  • MSX Resource Center (200x-200x)


  • Due to people all having their own ideas about how to write down chaos, several nicknames are now known. Such names include Chao5, Cha05, chao5 and others. If there's ever to be a formal name, then it's to be chaos.

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