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Years active 1994-1996
Main activities Demo's, modem utilities
Founded by Vincent Vogelesang
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Vincent Vogelesang
Former members None
Website unknown


Cybersoft was founded by its only member Vincent Vogelesang. Cybersoft had close contact with Sargon because Rikusu (founder of Sargon) and Vincent were practically neighbours. For some demo's, Cybersoft got some some help in the graphics- and music department from Robert Vroemisse. For quite some time, Vincent was sysop from his own BBS called Cybersoft BBS.



  • Cybersoft BBS promo 1 (199?)
  • Cybersoft BBS promo 2 (199?)
  • MSX Windows (Operating system)
  • Megaterm (modem/BBS utility)

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