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Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter (1983) is a Dutch developer, MSX enthusiast, and gamer who grew up with MSX and produced various MSX-related projects.

His first MSX was an MSX2 -a Philip NMS 8250 to be precise- which his parents bought as his elementary school was also using them. He mostly just played games on it, and enjoyed drawing in Designer Plus which came with 'office' package Ease.

Visiting the various MSX fairs such as Zandvoort, Tilburg, PTC, Almelo and the Brabanthallen was a recurring family event for him, his brother and his parents. Due to a bit of an age gap and not living nearby other MSX users he didn't join any user groups, nor was part of any development team; perhaps he also just enjoyed playing the games too much.


As website developer


When picking up PHP as web development language, he needed a pet project which he could use to teach himself. MSX still was a primary interest of his, and so the MSX-Xpress was born around 1999.

On the MSX-Xpress he published news, kept an agenda of MSX events, ran a simple MSX emulator comparison, kept a set of links to other MSX-related sites and at a later point hosted a revised version of FileHunter's MEP, the MSX Emulator Pages.

MSX Affiliates Forum

Seeing a need for a place for English-speaking MSX users to get together and discuss online, he contacted several other MSX website owners such as Philip Pera of the MSX Gamesbox, Edwin Muller of MsXgAmEs and Benoît Delvaux of Mars-Up-One if they were interested in joining as moderators/administrators of a new phpBB (and later XMB Forum)-based forum he had started around October 2001.

Together with the affiliates the MSX-Xpress & Affiliates Forum, also known as MSX-Boards, grew and a Dutch and French section were added to the forum. As part of the 'MAF' forum staff he co-organised and judged the 2002 MSX Artwork contest with the MSX Gamesbox.

During its heydays the forum was one of the largest English-speaking MSX forums online, an achievement he is still proud of.

Due to personal issues development of the forum stalled, and after some hosting problems the forum died a silent death. While there have been various plans for a relaunch of the forum, the rise of the MSX Resource Center's forum and its success lead to a disinterest in the project.

His video recordings

Being a fan of MSX games, he's also known for recording various games from start to finish, such as Troxx, Zone Terra and Invasion of the Zombie Monsters. One of his recording projects is playing through all of the MSXdev and #msxdev compo entries.

Collaboration on other projects

MSX Worldwide

At some point FiXato was contacted by Rinus Stoker of the MSX Infoblad, asking if he was interested in collaborating on a new magazine called MSX Worldwide. FiXato agreed and did the layout for the first issue, as well as write various articles as editor. His contributions were short-lived though.


He currently is still a contributor to openMSX.

Together with BiFi he wrote a TCL script for openMSX that helps with recording videos of MSX software that switches between framerates.

He also wrote a TCL script that helps with making recordings with openMSX of moonblaster songs.

His openMSX Daily Builds website reports on development builds of openMSX and offers a location for development builds for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and OpenDingux.

He also was responsible for building and publishing the Mac OS X development builds of openMSX from March 2010 till around 2014 or 2015, for which he used openMSX Builder a build and publish tool written in his favourite scripting language, Ruby.

MSX Resource Center

On the 17th of July 2011 FiXato became part of the MSX Resource Center crew as news editor. His interest is mostly in MSX games and online video recordings of them. Being a spelling nitpicker, he's known to make minor fixes to existing articles instead of writing new ones.


  • Was briefly part of R. Soft before it dissolved.
  • Loved playing Singstar during the Bussum Marathons.
  • Is also known as 'Fjordhopper' by some.
  • His bearded mugshot is featured in the Tenliner Challenge entry openMSX Memory

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