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Flying Bytes
Flying Bytes
Years active 1991-1997, 2012-present
Main activities utilies, games
Founded by Henk Moesker
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Snout, Latok, Jorito
Former members Michiel de Vries, Richard Smit, Arno Dekker, Pascal Oldenzeel, Anko Klaver, Henk Moesker, Martijn Dekker, Geert Kruit, Peter van der Woude
Website unknown


Flying Bytes was a Dutch MSX group from the North of the Netherlands. They created games, demos and utilities. Flying Bytes was well known because they were selling European MSX products in Japan through Takeru machines.

After the success of Not Again! they started working on a huge project, The Final Future, but many members moved away or dropped MSX so it was never to be finished. Arno Dekker drew some very impressive SCREEN 10 GFX for this game, and Snout made about ten Moonblaster songs. In the same period he created the Konamix, which was submitted to Sunrise. It was only later found out that someone converted this song to .MID and spread it throughout the entire internet, popping up at the most amazing places.



  • Army demo 1
  • Army demo 2
  • Army demo 3
  • MEG (1992)
  • PSG Tracker (1992)
  • Bananenvla (1993)
  • Move the House Disk Edition (1993)
  • Not Again! (1994)
  • No Pressure (2012)

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