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Years active 1989-Today
Main activities demos, games, translations, SCC Upgrades
Founded by The Pretender
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members The File-Hunter
Former members The Pretender, Mr.Feet, Metallica, Frenzy, Redsoft, Ray Tracer, The Invader, Zelly
Website FONY



Somewhere during 1986, Michiel Spoor (The Pretender) and Arnaud de Klerk (The File Hunter) started going to the same School (Nassau Scholengemeenschap in Breda), where they ended in the same class during their freshman year. Arnaud already owned an MSX (Toshiba HX-10) and Michiel owned an Atari 600XL, after which Arnaud convinced Michiel to buy an MSX as well (also a Toshiba). During cycling to school every day, Arnaud met Mathieu Veurman (Mr.Feet), who also owned an MSX (VG-8235). Metallica (Marnix van Adel) was originally a friend of Arnaud's brother.

Arnaud got a program listing published in an MSX Info magazine from 1986 called Vallende Sterren (Shooting Stars), which was a BASIC game, based on a game he has seen on the Atari from Michiel. Michiel already did some programming on the Atari. At first they just copied software (games) from each other, but Michiel moved his programming skill to MSX. At first also some BASIC, but quickly after that he moved to assembly. One of the first things he made was a Snake based game called Munchy. This game also got released in some software vending machines in Japan years later on, but no compensation was ever received from that. Fony's first release was the Yellow Alert Demo, soon followed by Fony Demodisk #1. During Fony Demodisk #2, Fony teamed up with more people and also used quite some Amiga technology, which wasn't appreciated by some people in the scene. Fony also had it's own BBS: Fony/Tyfoon Base, and was run by Arnaud.





  • Eggbert (1994)
  • Solid Snake English (1997)
  • Fighter's Ragnarok English Translation (1998)
  • Enhanced various with SCC-Sound using NandemoSCC (Zanac-Ex, Metal Gear, Firebird, Maze of Galious, etc...) (2018)

Music Disks

  • Konami SCC Music Disk (2019)
  • Graphics for Wolf's Music Disk: The Sea


  • Easter Egg Demo (2018)
  • StarShip Rendezvous Slideshow (2020)
  • Easter Egg Demo II (2020)
  • Easter Egg Demo III (2022)
  • Puzzle Egg Demo (2022)
  • Model D AI Inspirations (2023)


  • Graphics 9000 utility disk / GFX9000 Blue Disk (1997)

Never finished productions

  • Fony Demodisk #3
  • Tyfoon Software BBS
  • An adventure game
  • Soap! - GFX9000 Puzzle Game


  • Fony was behind the FAF (Federation Against FAC), which was more or less a gimmick.
  • The name Fony is actually an abbreviation of Federation of Notorious Youngsters (or Yuppies), although this was something not all members agreed on.

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