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Goldstar logo

Goldstar (금성사) is a Korean company that made several MSX1 systems. Goldstar became LG (Lucky-Goldstar) in 1997. Goldstar has also sold Sord M5 clones (E.g.: Goldstar FC-150), Famicom clones (E.g.: Goldstar FC-1000H), and some other computers.



Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Goldstar FC-80 1984 KR Goldstar GFC-1080 1985 KR
Goldstar FC-80U 1984 KR Goldstar GFC-1080A 1985 KR
Goldstar FC-200 1984 Europe


Product Description
Goldstar GLP-80 Light Pen (unreleased)
Goldstar JOY-10 Joystick

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Goldstar PRT-5 4 Color Plotter
Goldstar PRT-10 80 columns Printer


Product Description
Goldstar FCD-10B Data Recorder
Goldstar RE-505 Data Recorder
Goldstar RE-510 Data Recorder
Goldstar TCM-100 Data Recorder


Product Description
Goldstar MBL-2213 12" monitor
Goldstar MBM-2233S 12" monitor
Goldstar MCL-4333 13" color monitor