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HSH ("H.S.H. Computervertrieb GmbH") was a German company (from Davensberg) led by Karl Hanff that sold various MSX products. They managed to get a distribution agreement with ASCII for Europe in 1988, and under that agreement offered products like the ASCII compilers (including MSX Basic-kun) and MSX-DOS2. MCM published a fax in issue 31 (July-August 1989) from ASCII confirming HSH to be their sole European representative.

They also acquired the rights for the Hisoft languages: Nevada Cobol, C, Pascal80 and DevPac80. They were sold on floppy disk, with extensive manuals. The disks had sloppy labels, but with a serial number on them.

They sold also hardware such as 512KB memory mappers. The HSH SCSI interface was made under license from ASCII according to them.

They had a falling out with Sparrowsoft. Sparrowsoft claimed they had an agreement with HSH as a reseller of products like MSX-DOS2, which HSH later denied. HSH made public statements in MCM 31 offering customers of unlicensed Sparrowsoft software the opportunity to get a licensed version for a reduced price.

One of their last actions was to try and get a European MSX2+ produced. This ultimately failed as the market was already too small to make it financially feasible.

They entered bankruptcy in the second half of 1991.

Hardware Products

Product Description
HSH Hammer Desktop PC cabinet with 20MB HDD, SCSI Interface and MSX-DOS 2.20
HSH HSH9121 HSH SCSI Interface with 21MB HDD
HSH HSH9122 HSH SCSI Interface with 32MB HDD
HSH HSH9123 HSH SCSI Interface with 49MB HDD
HSH MSX SCSI Interface SCSI Interface
HSH MSX-DOS 2.20 MSX-DOS cartridge
HSH RE-512 MM 512kB Memory expansion

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