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Jer Der was composer and developer for the MiG group (Msx Is Good), he is also known as Randam Hajile.

MiG released two music disks. The first for MSX-AUDIO: Jer's Musix Disk and released in 1994. It was sold through mail in The Netherlands. Reviewed in MCCM 72, page 27.

The second and last release was in 1996, called the Moonsound Music Collection. This contained two disks with MFM and MWM music. Reviewed in MCCM 88, page 48.


As composer

As developer


  • Jer Der are the first letters of his name Jeroen Derwort. Randam Hajile is his favourite character from SD Snatcher.
  • Jeroen created Online Soccer Manager (OSM). The first unfinished version he made on his MSX2 computer.
  • For the PC/midi, Jeroen created Moonblaster-like tracker programs: MiGTracker and continued composing computer music for a few more years
  • Jeroen and his brother Bowie (Tracer), both from the MSX-scene, created Avalon for DOS in 1998 as a tribute to MSX RPG's such as SD-Snatcher, YS and the Pumpkin Adventure series.
  • Jeroen's song "Darkness" won the Future Disk music contest for OPL4. It is an awesome track, but did not have much competition as it was the only submission to the contest for that category. It is included on FD 25.


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