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Jon Cortázar (Bilbao, 1978) is an active spanish game designer, founder of RELEVO Videogames indie development studio. In 2004 he joined Karoshi Corporation team, where he started MSX development: although his first contributions were mostly graphics, later on he was able to create full game projects, including coding and composing.

In 2009 he created RELEVO Videogames as an 8 bit homebrew game development team, which in 2011 became RELEVO Videogames SL, a professional game development studio. Nowadays, Jon continues managing game development projects for both 8 bit systems and actual platforms.

Credits (8 bit productions)

as coder and designer

  • Mr. Cracksman (2013) (MSX)
  • Malaika (2013) (MSX)
  • Subacuatic (2012) (MSX) (official remake of the original ZX Spectrum game by The Mojon Twins)
  • Azzurro 8-Bit Jam (2011) (MSX, ZX Spectrum)
  • Está en el Pantano (2010) (MSX, ZX Spectrum)
  • Invasion of the Zombie Monsters (2010-2013) (MSX, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC)
  • British Bob (2009) (MSX)
  • Está en la Caja (2009) (MSX, ZX Spectrum)
  • La Corona Encantada (2008-2009) (MSX, ZX Spectrum)

as composer

  • British Bob (2009) (MSX)

Credits from his Karoshi Corp. era

as coder, designer and composer

  • Night Driver (2007) (MSX remake from the original Atari game)
  • Malaika Prehistoric Quest (2006)
  • Saimazoom (2005) (MSX remake from the original Dinamic game)

as coder and designer

  • La Corona Encantada (2008) (MSXdev'08 early version)
  • Phantomas Saga: Infinity (2006) (MSX version from the original CEZ GS game)

as designer

  • Picture Puzzle (2004) (MSX remake from the original Success game)
  • Factory Infection (2004)
  • Duck Hunt (2004) (MSX remake from the original Nintendo game)

as composer

  • Griel's Quest for the Sangraal (2005) (MSX1 remake from the original Thinking Rabbit game)
  • Picture Puzzle (2004) (MSX remake from the original Success game)
  • Factory Infection (2004)

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