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Atsaas by Lieves!Tuore
Years active 1996–infinity
Main activities demos
Founded by Marq, XXXXX
Area Finland
Current/final members Marq, Yzi, Man, Neckfreak, Roz, Dr. TerrorZ, XXXXX, Duke Nemo, Plaque, Tohe
Former members
Website Lieves!Tuore



Lieves!Tuore is a Finnish MSX demogroup, i.e. a group of people who create demos for MSX machines. Lieves!Tuore was founded in 1996 by Marq and XXXXX in Vammala. At first they had a vague idea that they wanted to form an 8-bit demogroup, but didn't yet know for which platform. MSX was chosen mostly because it used 3.5" floppies that made it easy to transfer files from a PC. Neither of the two guys had owned an MSX before, but the Commodore 64 scene seemed too competitive at the time. Two other names that were considered were Pietar!Saari and Peräseinä!Joki, but the latter was dropped because it contains Scandinavian letters not found in the 7 bit ASCII character set. Shortly thereafter, new members started joining – most notably Yzi, who created a sound routine for the PSG and has composed music for L!T demos ever since.

Lievestuore[1] is a small – rather unremarkable – town in central Finland. L!T members don't have any personal connection to the place, but the name sounded funny enough. Lievestuore was immortalized by Irwin Goodman in 1971, when his song Lievestuoreen Liisa[2] became a hit all over Finland. The song humorously describes the pollution and smell caused by the cellulose factory, which was an important local employer. Later on, Lievestuore was merged to the municipality of Laukaa.

L!T's speciality is participating in various scene competitions and achieving high places in those competitions. They usually participate with demos, but occasionally their contributions to a competition are songs or graphics. After a "short" break of ten years (from 1998 till 2008) they became active on the MSX again.


  • Marq (code, graphics)
  • Yzi (code, music)
  • Man (graphics)
  • Neckfreak (code, music)
  • Roz (music)
  • Dr. TerrorZ (code, graphics)
  • XXXXX (support)
  • Duke Nemo (support)
  • Plaque (support)
  • Tohe (support)



  • Aekrus (Tilburg 1997)
  • Aatnos (Vammala Party 1997)
  • Avaakkus (Alternative Party 1998)
  • Atselous (Vammala Party 1998)
  • Atsaas (MSX Info Update 2008)
  • Adnukes (MSX Info Update 2010)
  • Avalis (Vammala Party 2011)
  • Amurisus (Revision 2013)
  • Abrels (Vammala Party 2013)
  • Atsarias (Alternative Party 2013)
  • Atoes (Vammala Party 2016)
  • Alakis (Vammala Party 2016)


  • TEST.COM (MSX Info Update 2008)
  • Ebykti (MSX Info Update 2010)
  • Silence of the Pigs (MSX Info Update 2010)
  • Hyppii keikkuu violetti (Alternative Party 2010)
  • Boombox (Vammala Party 2013)
  • Aekrus Moonsound (Pimp My PSG Challenge 2016)
  • Hula-avanne (Vammala Party 2016)
  • MSX-biisi (Vammala Party 2016)


  • Muijja (Assembly 2001)
  • Kuplat (Assembly 2002)
  • Lievestuoreen Liisa Ihmemaassa (Assembly 2009)
  • Rumputin (Vammala Party 2016)
  • Star Kerk (Vammala Party 2016)
  • Violence (Vammala Party 2016)


  • MYMPlay, a player for converted YM tunes (1998)
  • LT2show, an image viewer for VDP1 (2010)
  • SootSound, a music player for MoonSound (2014)
  • Multipaint, a paint program supporting various oldschool machines (2016)
  • Pixel Polizei, a retro graphics converter (2016)

Hardware design

  • Printable 3D-model of MSX-cartridge

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