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The MSX Association is a volunteer group of Japanese users that was established in February 2002 for the purpose of managing the MSX brand and some other copyrights relating to the 8-bit personal computers advocated by ASCII and Microsoft in 1983. The association negotiates with rights holders such as software publishers in order to release them on sales websites or in magazines.

This group has developed the emulator MSX-PLAYer, participated in the 1chipMSX project and made a few digital magazines.

Kazuhiko Nishi, the proponent of the MSX standard and the current owner of various MSX-related copyrights, is the chairman.

Digital Magazines

  • Great Konami MSX Game Legend (偉大なるコナミのMSXゲーム伝説)
  • Make an MSX! !! (MSXを作れ!!)
  • MSX 30th Anniversary: The History and Future of MSX continues to be loved (MSX30周年:愛されつづけるMSXの歴史と未来)

Digital versions are available on this Japanese book site.


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