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Years active 1991-1995
Main activities Diskmagazines, games
Founded by Sama
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Sama, Skyhawk, Aaldert Dekker
Former members Clemens de Vries
Website Sargon



Not long after Sama got his first MSX, he discovered that it was fun to not only play games, but also to develop programs. In the '80s, it was common for even the most inexperienced BASIC programmers to use a 'handle' to credit themselves, quite commonly ending in '-soft'. For his first couple of very simple programs, Sama used the handle 'WT-soft', referring to the initials of his last name. Soon, however, he changed this to 'Pigeonsoft'. The origin of this name can be found in the fact that Sama grew up in the countryside, where hunters frequently hunted for pigeons. As a kid, Sama often accompanied these hunters, so the name was inspired by their preys. At the time of the foundation of Pigeonsoft, Sama was only 12 years old.

Pigeonsoft started off as a one man formation and this would only change after Sama had joined the Dutch MSX club MSX CODE. Using the handle Pigeonsoft, he was mainly responsible for the creation and editorial of the MSX CODE diskmagazine called Newsdisc. Pigeonsoft also compiled and edited two editions of the PTTR, a collection of game tips, walkthroughs, maps and extra levels also released by MSX CODE. What he really wanted to do, however, was creating a game, but his programming skills didn't allow him to do so.

Around 1993, however, he started working with GameBuilder, a set of tools created to enable game developers to make their own games without requiring too many coding skills. With this, he created his first game: The Vampires and She Vampires, a standard GameBuilder game, save that it featured MoonBlaster-stereo background music. This game was release by MSX CODE.

During the development of The Vampires and She Vampires, Sama created a new set of levels for the MSX CODE platform game Quinch. Although the game itself was still exactly the same, the game featuring this new set of levels was released as Quinch 2.

Although The Vampires and She Vampires hadn't been received too well, Pigeonsoft decided to make yet another game using the GameBuilder: The ATP. Again, this was a standard GameBuilder game, although this time enemies could also be shot instead of having them disappear by using an item.

While Sama was working on The ATP, Clemens de Vries joined Pigeonsoft. Clemens helped with the map design of The ATP and designed the Pigeonsoft logo, which would still continue to be used when Pigeonsoft transformed into Sargon at a later stage. Because Sama had left MSX CODE in the mean time, The ATP was released by MSX Klup. Eventually, Pigeonsoft produced no other productions in cooperation with Clemens.

During the development of The ATP, Pigeonsoft created the third installment of the PTTR series, making use of a text scroller created by MCCE. PTTR 3 was still released by MSX CODE, shortly before Sama would leave that club. After he left, MSX CODE offered the PTTR 3 to MCCM for distribution on the extra disks that came with the magazine. Shortly after the release of the PTTR 3, the PTTR 3 Uitbreidingsprogramma was developed and released by Pigeonsoft.

After the release of PTTR 3, Sama started looking for assembly programmers. He placed an advertisement in the Dutch MSX magazine MCCM, to which Skyhawk and Aaldert Dekker responded. They joined Pigeonsoft and together they started working on a new diskmagazine called Defender and the fourth installment of the PTTR, now no longer called PTTR but Guide through Gameworld. Eventually, Pigeonsoft released the first editions of Defender and Guide through Gameworld at the fair in Zandvoort 1995. These were the last Pigeonsoft productions to be released before Pigeonsoft would transform into Sargon.

During the development of Defender and Guide through Gameworld, Sama met The Hound, who was a member of Element. Element had decided to quit developing for MSX, leaving behind their unfinished game Nosferatu. Element gave Pigeonsoft permission to finish and release this game, along with all the source material, but mainly because it was too hard for Skyhawk and Aaldert to grasp and work with someone else's source code, this project was never finished and eventually transferred to MCFN, who didn't finish it either. Some of the material was used for Defender 1 and Guide through Gameworld 1.

Skyhawk and Aaldert had also started to make an MSX version of the PC game Hexxagon, but this project was also never finished.




  • The Vampires and She Vampires (1994)
  • The ATP (1995)


  • PTTR 1
  • PTTR 2
  • PTTR 3
  • PTTR 3 Uitbreidingsprogramma
  • Quinch 2
  • MSX CODE Newsdisc 8
  • MSX CODE Newsdisc 9
  • MSX CODE Newsdisc 10
  • MSX CODE Newsdisc 11
  • MSX CODE Newsdisc 12
  • Guide through Gameworld 1
  • Defender 1

Game translations

  • Ys 1 English -> Dutch
  • Ys 2 English -> Dutch

Never finished productions

  • Hexxagon
  • Nosferatu

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