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RELEVO Videogames logo
Years active 2009-today
Main activities Games
Founded by Jon Cortázar
Area Spain
Current/final members Jon Cortázar, Aitor Zumelzu, Angel Sainz, Judith González
Former members Sonia Segoviano, Sergio Presa
Website RELEVO Videogames




Relevo Videogames was founded by Karoshi Corporation former member Jon Cortázar in 18th July 2009, along with the release of the new website and the special version of La Corona Encantada on the internet, for both MSX and ZX Spectrum computers.

The homebrew years

Some of them 8 bits productions

Taking La Corona Encantada, that gathered a lot of attention from general media, as the guideline for Relevo Videogames upcoming creations, they started to work on Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, another multi-platform game project, with the same concept of creating a specific team of people involved on an specific project. While this project was being developed, some other productions were made, such as British Bob and a text based adventure, Está en la Caja.

In 13th March 2010, Invasion of the Zombie Monsters was released for MSX and ZX Spectrum at RetroMadrid 2010 fair: the same way as La Corona Encantada featured well known artist Alfonso Azpiri into the development team, Invasion of the Zombie Monsters counted with famous 80s' game music composer César Astudillo (Gominolas) inside its team. Está en el Pantano, sequel from Está en la Caja, was also released that day.

Starting professional career: partnership with Vals Agency

In early 2011, Relevo Videogames had already completed all steps toward professional development, becoming part of Vals Agency, a marketing and communication agency from Bilbao (Spain), in which Jon Cortázar was already involved as full partner Creative Manager. In this new stage, Relevo Videogames brand continued working on its 8 bits productions, both propietary products or advergaming for clients, with the full support and resources of a well-established marketing agency. Apart from the 8bit products, Relevo Videogames will also focus its products on webgames and platforms such as Windows, MacOS or mobile, always giving them special oldschool touch to those productions for actual devices.

The first commercial work for 8 bits platforms was Azzurro 8 Bit Jam, an advergame created to get an exclusive, different, and funny way to promote Azzurro Rock Pub to its clients: the game was released in 22nd June 2011 for MSX and ZX Spectrum, being sold at the pub and installing a custom cabinet for free play. Another project developed at this stage was Kar Snatchers, a dexterity web game created for Karealde, an official Opel and Chevrolet dealer, which includes global and monthly leaderboards in order to organize promotions.

Baboon! winning Best 2011 Basque Game Award

Jon Cortázar receiving the Best 2011 Basque Game Award for "Baboon!"

In summer 2011, and trying to come up with them first professional propietary game for actual systems, a demo version of Baboon! running on PC/Windows was created in order to enter hóPlay international contest with the game.

This puzzle game project, planned for MSX on 2009, was restyled and changed its gameplay for it to be released on mobile platforms with touch control.

The game was finally awarded with the Best 2011 Basque Game Award at the festival, obtaining also nominations for Graphic Design, Original Idea and Best Playability.

Relevo Videogames as a professional games studio

British Bob Jumping Craze (June 2012, iOS/Android)

Thanks to Baboon! being spotted in the media, a lot of advergaming projects started to come along from different clients. The growing list of projects and the intention of boosting the development of proprietary projects too ended up with the foundation of Relevo Videogames, S.L. as an enterprise, in november 2011.

In this stage, Relevo Videogames brand continues working on its productions for both actual and 8 bit systems (MSX, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC), focusing on creating on-demand advergaming products such as Mission: Euskadi (developed for the Basque Government Tourism Agency) or Safybots Polyester Super Robots (created for Uriarte Safybox company), along with top quality new games, such as Malaika, Battle for Asciion, British Bob Jumping Craze! or Subacuatic.


Present members

Past members

  • Sonia Segoviano
  • Sergio Presa



Released productions

  • Ninja Savior (RLV921) (2015, MSX)
  • Baboon! (RLV920) (2015, PS Vita)
  • Connect the Earth (RLV918) (2014, Web)
  • Mr. Cracksman (RLV917) (2013, MSX)
  • Recuperacción (RLV916) (2013, PC/Win)
  • Malaika (RLV914) (2013, MSX)
  • Safybots Polyester Super Robots (RLV913) (2013, Web/iOS/Android)
  • Mission: Euskadi (RLV912) (2013, Web/iOS/Android)
  • Subacuatic (RLV911) (2012, MSX)
  • British Bob Jumping Craze! (RLV910) (2012, iOS/Android)
  • Vals Panic (RLV909) (2012, iOS/Android)
  • Battle for Asciion (RLV908) (2012, Web/iOS)
  • Kar Snatchers (RLV907) (2011, Web/iOS)
  • Azzurro 8 Bit Jam (RLV906) (2011, MSX/ZX Spectrum)
  • Está en el Pantano (RLV905) (2010, MSX/ZX Spectrum)
  • Invasion of the Zombie Monsters (RLV904) (2010-2013, MSX/ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC)
  • British Bob (RLV903) (2009, MSX)
  • Está en la Caja (RLV902) (2010, MSX/ZX Spectrum)
  • La Corona Encantada (RLV901) (2008-2009, MSX/ZX Spectrum)

Upcoming productions

  • Los Templos de Fuego (RLV915) (?, MSX/ZX Spectrum/?)
  • Hyper Soldier Angel (?, MSX)
  • Privacy Adventure (RLV919) (?, iOS/Android)

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