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Years active 1995-1997
Main activities disk magazines
Founded by UMF
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members MSI, BVH, OMP, YoBi, The Crasher, Wolf
Former members
Website none



The MSX years

The ROM Team was an occasional group, formed to created the ROM disk magazine. The formation could be seen as a subgroup of United MSX Force departments, combined with external help.

Prior to the start of ROM, UMF Noord Holland desperately tried to contact Wolf by phone by browsing through the phone register, though often ending up with someone completely different who of course had no clue what UMF was talking about on the other end of the phone line. Eventually, they succeeded, and UMF Noord Holland and Wolf would frequently get together in Bennebroek, the head quarters of UMF Noord Holland. Soon after this, UMF Noord Holland proposed to create a new disk magazine. The name ROM was coined by Wolf, though it wasn't the first name he came up with. At a local monthly computer club in Beinsdorp, where UMF was to be found regularly, Wolf came by to propose the name 'Bulb disk'. This name was based on the bulb region most ROM members used to live in at that time, an area known for the cultivation of flower bulbs. That suggestion, for which Wolf had even made a header image to display above the scrolling text, was honed away within seconds. Later, Wolf came up with ROM, Read Only Magazine, and the rest agreed with that. Prior to this moment, obviously, the name ROM Team didn't exist. Much later, Wolf also came up with the name EPROM (Extra Products Read Only Magazine).

In the end, the disk magazine never hit the double digits. The editorial crew gradually moved from MSX towards PC, which turned out to be a bit of a global trend among many other MSX users. Also, the MSX scene itself moved towards the period now known as the silent years, a period in which the PC was booming and many MSX users went to college, resulting in little to write about regarding MSX.

The PC years

Outside the creation of the disk magazine, the ROM Team got together regularly during the weekends, mostly at MSI's place who had a hobby basement of roughly 4x4 meters. These weekends would later be known in society as LAN parties, a term that was never used during all these weekends, most of the time, the term 'network weekend' was used. About five persons would sit in this room, each visitor brought his own PC. This was a time when notebooks were not as common as they are today, and most ROM Team members stuffed their PC in (heavy) big towers. Common activities used to be playing Warcraft 2, Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Total Annihilation and racing games - these were the days of early 3d video cards.

There have been weekends in which the amount of people in that basement would roughly double when members of UMF Zeeland would join the LAN party - also bringing their equipment (often including YoBi's MSX which was housed in a PC case). The ramp at the front door would be jam-packed with cars and mopeds during such weekends and would certainly represent what the basement room looked like - which also contained regular things like cabinets and desks.

A very few times, such LAN parties would be organized by BVH, when his parents would be on holidays. Upon seeing BVH's parents leave for holiday, their neighbours once asked BVH: "Oh, does this mean all these people with their computers come by again for a week now?"


  • MSI (code, chief editor)
  • BVH (editor)
  • OMP (editor)
  • The Crasher (editor)
  • YoBi (code)
  • Wolf (editor, composer, graphics)


  • ROM 1 (1995)
  • ROM 2 (1995)
  • ROM 3 (1995)
  • ROM 4 (1996)
  • ROM 5 (1996)
  • ROM 6 / Sunrise Magazine 18 (1996)
  • ROM Special (1996) released with MCCM 81)


  • Wolf was mentioned twice in the credits of the disk magazine, "Wolf" for the music, "MvS" for the texts. This had caused some doubts among a few MSX users as for whether Wolf and MvS were the same person.
  • There exists a private video containing most ROM crew members and UMF Zeeland members, it may never have been released in the public. This video was recorded in the car, on their way from Bennebroek to the MSX fair in Zandvoort. For maybe 15 minutes the video recorded everything that happened in this car, all the talks and gossip. Upon arriving at the Pelikaanhal (the venue of the Zandvoort fair), they were surprised there were so few MSX people at the parking lot. Investigating further, they found out there were no MSX'ers at all to be found in or near the Pelikaanhal. They obviously made a mistake and arrived one week too early. All this was recorded on video.

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