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VHD means Video High Density and AHD means Audio High Density. This system, released only in Japan by JVC/Victor, is different from the LaserDisc system released by Pioneer.

Instead of being on optical disc, similar to a very large CD-ROM it is more similar to a LP record. Just like a LP it had two sides, requiring you to swap the disc over. But unlike LP it had a caddy to protect the disc.

Various movies were released in Japan on VHD format, and VHD was also marketed for use with the MSX and Sharp X1. Compatible VHD players for the MSX and Sharp X1 have the VHDpc logo. Several games were made for this system.

Youtube video about the history and operation of VHD

Help needed
If you have any MSX VHD material, such as an MSX VHD interface adapter, manuals or VHD software we would like your help to potentially enable emulation of VHD hardware and to improve our understanding of the technology. Please create a topic on the Forum here on with the material you have available.

VHD hardware

VHD Interfaces for MSX

Product Generation VHDpc Inter Action Usable Computers Notes / MSX- BASIC Extension
National DA-80F MSX2 Yes National FS-5500F1
National FS-5500F2
Victor HC-90
Victor HC-95
National DA-85 MSX2 No National FS-5500F1
National FS-5500F2
Victor HC-90
Victor HC-95
Was used to control VHD karaoke
Victor IF-7500 MSX2 No National FS-5500F1
National FS-5500F2
Victor HC-90
Victor HC-95
Was used to control VHD karaoke
Victor IF-7510 MSX1 No Victor HC-5 + Victor HC-A602S VHD BASIC
Victor IF-7900 MSX1 Yes Victor HC-6 + Victor HC-A602S
Victor HC-7
Victor HC-60 + Victor HC-A602S
Victor IF-7910 MSX1 Yes Victor HC-6 + Victor HC-A602S
Victor HC-7
Victor HC-60 + Victor HC-A602S
Victor IF-C9C MSX2  ? Victor HC-90
Victor HC-95
Victor IF-C9D MSX2  ? Victor HC-90
Victor HC-95
downgraded version
for specific using

VHD Interface description

Used I/O ports are the following.

Port R / W Description
BCh R / W 8255 Port A (data transmission / reception)
BDh R / W 8255 Port B (serial / parallel switching)
BEh R / W 8255 Port C (handshake signal)
BFh W 8255 mode setting

The connector on backside of the player is a standard DIN 13-pin.

The following table is the interface board decription for the Sharp X1 VHCpc controller interface VO-20PS. The MSX interface might have a similar design to control the same VHDpc compatible players. Taken from

Address R / W Description
0 C * 0 H R / W 8251 Data R / W
0 C * 1 H R / W 8251 control, status
0 C * 2 H W Reset transmit IEO
0 C * 3 H W Reset receive IEO
0 C * 4 H W Send interrupt enabled
0 C * 5 H W Transmit interrupt disabled
0 C * 6 H W Receive interrupt enabled
0 C * 7 H W Reception interrupt disabled
0 C * 8 ​​H R / W 8255 Port A (data transmission / reception)
0 C * 9 H R / W 8255 Port B (serial / parallel switching)
0 C * AH R / W 8255 Port C (handshake signal)
0 C * BH W 8255 mode setting, port C bit control

VHDpc players compatible with MSX

Note: Although having the VHDpc logo, the Sharp VP-2400 and Sharp VP-X10B players are not compatible with MSX. They don't have a DIN 13 connector, but a DIN 8 connector and are aimed to be used with a Sharp X1 computer.

Product Region Video standard
National DP-330 JP NTSC-J
National DP-830 JP NTSC-J
National DP-950 JP NTSC-J
Toshiba VDP 50K JP NTSC-J
Toshiba VDP 881 JP NTSC-J
Victor BD-8350 JP NTSC-J
Victor HD-700TS JP NTSC-J
Victor HD-851 JP NTSC-J
Victor HD-851TS JP NTSC-J
Victor HD-7900 JP NTSC-J
Victor HD-8900 JP NTSC-J
Victor HD-9300 JP NTSC-J
Victor HD-9500 JP NTSC-J
Victor HD-V1 JP NTSC-J

VHD software for MSX

Only ten software titles are known to have been commercialised for MSX. Just like the VHD hardware they are very rare and only ever released in Japan.

There are two kinds of VHD games:

  • Games such as Alice in Chemical Reaction, The Players Club and VROOM are written in an interpreted (intermediate) language and are recorded on the VHD itself. This requires the computer to have an interpreter for the VHD language and has implications as to the type of games that could be developed due to the overhead of an interpreted language.
  • Games such as Road Blaster, Thunder Storm and Time Gal were specific to the MSX (or Sharp X1) computers, but instead of writing the game onto the VHD, the game was provided on a system specific tape while the VHD contains only the pictures and the soundtrack(s).

Most of the VHD software for MSX has a stereo sound. The only known VHD software for MSX with mono sound is VROOM.

Product Region Year Title Type Video
MVIA-101 / VIAM-101 JP 1986 Birdie Try Game (*)
MVIA-102 / VIAM-102 JP 1986 Time Gal Game (*) NicoVideo
MVIA-103 / VIAM-103 JP 1986 Road Blaster Game (*) NicoVideo
VIA-1 JP 1985 VROOM - Motorcycle Race Game YouTube
VIA-2 JP 1985 The Players Club Game NicoVideo
VIA-3 JP 1985 Alice in Chemical Reaction:
Alice's Chemical Laboratory
VIA-4 ? JP Unreleased Highway Star Game
VIA-5 JP 1985 Legends of Star Arthur -
Planet Mephius
Game NicoVideo Intro
NicoVideo Part 1
NicoVideo Part 2
VIA-1001 / VIAM-1001 JP 1985 Thunder Storm Game (*) YouTube
VIA-1501 JP 1985 Video Scramble Application
VIA-1502 JP 1985 Xevious Map Application
 ???? JP 1987 Wedding Information System Application (**)

(*) VHD + tape
(**) 2 VHD's - MSX2 required (was tested on a dual VHD system controlled by a HC-95 computer, but probably not commercialised)


Thunder Storm VHD
Thunder Storm tape for MSX