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Years active 1991-2005
Main activities musicdisks
Founded by Ruud van de Moosdijk
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Ruud van de Moosdijk
Former members


The Arranger series was started by Zodiac in 1993 as a new solo project after quitting the MSX demogroup BCF. The first Arranger musicdisk was released at the 1993 MSX fair in Doetinchem where MSX-Engine gave Zodiac some space on the booth to demo it. Although it was a solo project and most coding, graphics and music was done by one person, other musicians contributed as well. The contributions were from Low_Profile (on all disks and CDs), Coen van der Geest (Moonsoft) (Arranger 1), Falco Dam (MSX-Engine) (Arranger 2), Pascal Oldenzeel (Flying Bytes) (Arranger 2, Arranger 3), Latok (Flying Bytes) (Arranger 3), Dave Groenen (Compjoetania) (Arranger 3) and Andries Minnaert who created the ending theme for "MoonSounds".

After the first Arranger music disk there were contributions in assembly routines or additional graphics as well. These contributions were from Remco Schrijvers (Moonsoft) who wrote a specific version of the Moonblaster replayer for the Arranger disks, Ivo Wubbels (MSX-Engine) who wrote some Fade routines, Remo Jongeneelen (Compjoetania) who wrote several visual effects for Arranger 3, and Mike Dammer (Compjoetania) who created title graphics for Arranger 4, and Moonsounds (logo).

When Zodiac quit the MSX-Scene after Arranger 3 (with both Arranger 4 and MoonSounds in production) they made a short comeback in 1999 during the MSX-Reunion preluding the MSX fair in Tilburg. Arranger Gold, an audio album with synthesized arrangements of MSX music was released at the fair together with the finally finished Arranger 4. Arranger Platinum, the successor to Arranger Gold was in the works for a long time but never released as a solo album. Not to let the works go to waste, Zodiac teamed up with the Sunrise foundation to release Arranger: The Complete Works. Two bundles each containing two MSX disks (Arranger 1-4) and a data CD containing both Arranger audio albums (Gold and Platinum) and additional content, like the mini-album "Hands on Snatcher". A third bundle was planned for the longest time, but in the end was never released.


  • Arranger #1 (1993)
  • Arranger #2 (1993)
  • Arranger #3 (1994)
  • Arranger #4 (planned for 1995, but finished and released in 1999)
  • Arranger Gold (1999)
  • Arranger Platinum (2005)
  • Arranger - The Complete Works #1 (2005)
  • Arranger - The Complete Works #2 (2005)

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