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Born on September 1977 in Delft, The Netherlands. Wolverine_nl (George), got his first experience with a MSX, the Goldstar FC200, around 1986. In the neighbourhood there were a few MSX/C64 clubs, which he and his dad visited and bought most roms and tape-cassette games there. After a few months of gaming on the MSX, George wanted something else and that was to create his own loader menu's and start with typing over the games from the MSX magazines and changing those BASIC games here and there, to figure out, how they work. His first kind of diskdrive system was a QuickDisk QDM01. Around 1988, George's dad got a good deal to take a Sony HB-F700D from George's basketball-coach. It was a complete set with a good colour monitor and a box full of disks with several games and utilities a MT-Telcom Modem, we did actually used the modem ;) Finally he could play all those games he saw at the clubs and view the demo's and such and started creating his own demo's with simple music and created samples from his favourite films, he tried to recreate the soundtrack of Escape from New York and Rambo's theme. George's other hobbies where, playing guitar and drawing comics. He combined the drawing with the MSX2 and started drawing on paper and taking those onto a transparent sheet and putting this in his monitor and tracing the lines in Graphsaurus and creating his graphics this way. Around 1990 he bought a second hand FM-PAC (original in box, manual etc.). He started doing some music on Soundtracker and Synthsaurus. Some games became more alive with the FM-PAC, like Aleste2, Tower of Gazzle and others. His favourite game in those days was Metal Gear 2.

George created about 5 demo's in those days and in the nineties stopped his MSX activities.

Around 2005 he found his old MSX machines in the basement of his dad, after talking to someone about those days and the urge to use them became active again.

He cleaned them, opened them and cleaned the inside as well, before turning them on, to prevend damage caused by dust. The first thing he did was to check out those demo's and started being active again, also here on around 2012. He is still learning good stuff from people in the scene and appreciates it greatly.

His current configuration is as followed: Sony HB-F700D on a HDMI monitor (with a Scart to HDMI converter), FM-PAC, MoonSound, MegaflashromSCC 512kb (modded with flat switch), 1Mb Memorymapper, MSX-DOS2 Cartridge, IDE Interface.