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Cirandão was a Brazilian telephone-based service that resembles to the French Minitel network.

It was an initiative of the Embratel company, in the late 1980s, aiming to popularize the use of the first Brazilian data transmission network, Renpac, implemented in 1985. Despite its destination for the "general public", this network had only 110 subscribers at the end of 1987.

The Cirandão service basically offered electronic mail , "bulletin board" and conference calls, similar to a discussion forum, as well as access to some databases of companies or government. It worked on very few major cities only.

The low demand, especially after Internet success in 1995, caused the change of this Embratel service, which became exclusively an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service, under the name of EmVia.

More info: Technical networks / social networks: the prehistory of the Internet in Brazil (Portuguese)

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